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HIMEKA – Kagiri Aru Yume December 15, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Kagiri Aru Yume
  2. TSU-BA-SA
  3. Kagiri Aru Yume (off Vocal)
  4. TSU-BA-SA (off Vocal)

1. Kagiri Aru Yume

HIMEKA kicks the single with the leading track which sounds so longing and lonely but it starts to grow the longer it goes.  It’s a bit towards stuff she’s done before but that could be a good thing here.  HIMEKA sounds great as usual and she gave a pretty strong performance (though “Hatenaki Michi” still outranks it)…though I’m loving the added electric guitars during the chorus.  Overall not a bad choice to have chosen as an A-side.


The B-side for the single, TSU-BA-SA kind of takes that role of that typical anison track wtih some flurrying synths, piano and guitar melodies and some soaring vocals.  Actually, HIMEKA’s vocals were my favorite part of the song because she really does sound great and gives life to an otherwise boring anison track.



HIMEKA’s 2nd single under 5bp. Records, Kagiri Aru Yume isn’t as strong as her last single, “Where I belong” in that well neither songs really struck as much of a chord as the songs from the aforementioned single did.  Kagiri Aru Yume is an OK A-side and she sounds good, but I think she excelled better in TSU-BA-SA since she actually put some energ into a song that could’ve been a REALLY generic mess…strange right?


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