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Shoko Nakagawa – Sakasama Sekai/Once Upon a Time -Kibou no Uta- December 15, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Sakasama Sekai
  2. Once Upon a Time -Kibou no Uta-
  3. Satelite Girl
  4. Sakasama Sekai (Instrumental)
  5. Once Upon a Time -Kibou no Uta- (Instrumental)
  6. Satelite Girl (Instrumental)

1. Sakasama Sekai

I kind of thought of “Tsuzuku Sekai” there for a second too xD.  I really liked that intro for this song funny enough.  Though after that cool-sounding intro, the song kind of pulls back and gives up a pop/rock track and Shokotan just kind of shows how great a singer she is here.  I kind of wish she stuck with the synths for the song to be honest, because otherwise it’s just not very memorable.

2. Once Upon a Time -Kibou no Uta-

I have to say that this song kind of fits that Christmas vibe because Once Upon a Time starts off with such a great strings riff and Shokotan sounded great and added a bit of that winter mystery.  Though the chorus comes in and that feeling just goes away instantly and we’re given another “Sakurairo” and I just lost all my interest in the song haha.

3. Satelite Girl

Released as a digital single back in July, I thought including this song was such an odd decision and really doesn’t fit the single.  Shokotan’s are in the cutesy vibe and placed with pop song which doesn’t seem to seperate itself from any of her other songs.  It just didn’t work out for me.



Wow, as the 2nd single for the era, I felt like Shokotan had great ideas going for her, but she didn’t stick to them since the songs all kind of became rather bland songs without those different things going on (and Satelite Girl was just pretty much bland all-around!  After “Zoku Konton”, this is a big disappointing single for me.


2 Responses to “Shoko Nakagawa – Sakasama Sekai/Once Upon a Time -Kibou no Uta-”

  1. 123 Says:

    Oh boy. I guess another Zoku Konton would be a bit much to ask, wouldn’t it. I haven’t actually listened to heaps of Shoko. Is this the kind of music she usually does? Because I’m not too impressed.

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