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Super Junior – Blue World December 16, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Blue World
  2. CANDY
  3. Blue World -Less Vocal-
  4. CANDY -Less Vocal-

1. Blue World

I actually still cannot seem to forge an opinion for Blue World.  It does change the group’s sound out from their K-pop sound which is a nice switch of moods.  I actually kind of quickly enjoyed this song just for that reason that it was an original tune and the group sounded great.  Plus Heechul returns (though Yesung is now on military leave).  I thought this was done well for the remaining members and Eunhyuk and Shindong actually stood amongst the group as the rappers.  Great way to end 2013 for the group.


I kind of was expecting a ballad as the B-side (since it’s been that way for Suju).  CANDY though continues being a dance track and I was surprised that it turned out that way.  I will say “Blue World” stood out stronger of a song, but CANDY is not all that bad and fits in with their pro J-pop sound!  Though ~candy, candy come into me?~…just a tad strange as the chorus right?  Not bad though.



Super Junior ends their 2013 with the single kicking their 2nd era off and neither song are self-covers (THANK GOD).  Blue World was surprisingly good and even more that their B-side wasn’t a lame ass ballad.  I still think Blue World surpasses CANDY, but this is a great single overall!


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