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JASMINE – Countdown December 18, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Countdown
  2. JACKPOT for Jas Vegas -Remixed by T.O.M-

1. Countdown

I was hoping what JASMINE would do after she released “Complexxx” and girl didn’t disappoint.  It feels like a song she hasn’t tried yet in her career but honestly, this song is kind of urban/electro and I can’t help for fall for its groove.  It’s such a pretty cool song from her and honestly might be one of her best A-sides (next to “ONE” and “THIS IS NOT A GAME” which is pretty big for her!

2. JACKPOT for Jas Vegas -Remixed by T.O.M-

  • Addiction
  • I’m in luv wit u

I actually thought this was going to be an original track from JASMINE, but at being 16 minutes in length, it turns out this is a megamix actually.  There’s 5 songs used here and while I only recognize THIS IS NOT A GAME as one of them.  The others are listed above and I find is strange that Addiction was the only song from “Complexx” on the megamix while the rest are songs from her “GOLD” era.  This had a lot of different electronic styles throughout and it’s rather awesome how it works each song together and the tranisitions.  A little long winded, but still a good megamix.



JASMINE closes out 2013 with a pretty cool single and a nice way to begin her 3rd era (hopefully won’t take long).  Countdown has a lot of attitude in it and it’s grittier almost heavier sound definitely left a good mark on me.  The megamix albeit long wasn’t all that bad and definitely gave us a great twist on her songs of hers.


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