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GENERATION 3: Welcome to Hoenn! December 23, 2013

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Ahh the 3rd Generation.  Initially Gamefreak didn’t really want to continue after the 2nd Gen (especially looking how Gold/Silver kind of made the games look like the ultimate game).  Though with the sheer popularity it got, they continued on with a new Generation.  From living through it, it didn’t seem to really fare as well as other Gens (maybe cept the 4th) but we got a lot of new Pokemon (actually 134 new Pokemon).  So let’s get started on out first 26 Pokemon!!!

BTW since this is me going back to an older Generation, I’ll talk about them as if they were just coming out (and then mention things that have changed since then since it’s 3 gens ago).

001: Treecko, 002: Grovyle, 003: Sceptile


Of course we have to get through the basics of the Generation starting with the region’s starters.  Treecko was never a Pokemon that I really owned in comparison to the other two so I can’t say I have much to say when it comes to Hoenn’s Grass starter.  They look great (and Treecko was awesome in the Anime) and Sceptile looks pretty cool though it’s tail still kind of looks odd on it.  Oh well xD

In the 6th Gen, more specifically in OR/AS…we are introduced to Mega Sceptile which changes up the game for our Grass starter, even gaining a new type, making it a Grass/Dragon.  Interesting!

004: Torchic, 005: Combusken, 006: Blaziken


When I first delved into Sapphire, I also didn’t choose the Fire type starter simply because I was kind of going on this equality route with typings (Kanto/Johto: Grass, Hoenn/Sinnoh: Water, Unova/Kalos: Fire (though I did break the chain with Unova xD).  Torchic didn’t really interest me at the time though.  It was great to see that it did end up evolving into a Fire/Fighting Combusken (though it did start a chain of those Fire/Fighting starters in future generations >.>).  I actually did get to train one with the Event in Pokemon X/Y (but so did everyone else I bet because it had its hidden ability, Speed Boost).

Also it is the only Hoenn starter in X/Y that got a Mega Evolution so that’s pretty cool, if not a little bit obvious it would lol though OR/AS would bring the remaining starters up to date.

007: Mudkip, 008: Marshtomp, 009: Swampert


Yup, in the end I did choose Mudkip for my adventure in Sapphire.  I’m not sure why I did choose it (this happened before I started the pattern above) and sure it happened before Mudkip became a meme all over the interwebs (“I herd u liek Mudkipz”).  It’s definitely a usable Pokemon since it does grow into the Water/Ground type which makes Electric types near useless against it.  Very awesome Pokemon and I can’t wait to transfer it to Y in a couple days!

In OR/AS like the other starters it also gains a new Mega evolution but unlike Blaziken and Sceptile, I feel like it got the short end of the stick.  Nothing much to report, but hey something for my current Swampert to enjoy!

010: Poochyena, 011: Mightyena


Wow that’s pretty cool, we get a Dark type Pokemon real early in the game!  Poochyena and Mightyena might not be the first Dark types to go to, but they were great for early battles in the game.  Plus in a way I used to think they were there to be the opposite to Houndour and Houndoom, but that didn’t seem to happen haha.  Early fodder Pokemon, but interesting nonetheless.

012: Zigzagoon, 013: Linoone


Taking up as the early Rodent Pokemon of the Generation, Zigzagoon and Linoone never really caught my attention but then again neither did Rattata and Sentret (and everything after).  Though I will say, I do have a Shiny Linoone from Sapphire which is also moving into Y so that makes a cool thing right?

Though curiously enough, in Gen 8, the Linoone line got a Galar variant form (and an evolution in Obstagoon).  Quite a change indeed!

014: Wurmple, 015: Silcoon, 016: Beautifly


Then we enter our Bugs for the generation with something that’s actually a little different from before.  Usually there’s two specific lines but this time we get a split evolution that grows into two different lines.  Wurmple is our basic of course and it evolves into Silcoon above or Cascoon below (though there’s not really a certain way to calculate what it’ll evolve into until it happens).  Silcoon is your basic cocoon type before it evolves into the Bug/Flying, Beautifly (kind of a nod to Butterfree lol).  I’ve always liked Beautifly though so it’s a pretty cool Pokemon.

017: Cascoon, 018: Dustox


On the other hand, Wurmple can evolve into the more purplish Cascoon that would eventually evolve into the Bug/Poison, Dustox (which Jessie owned in the Anime >.>).  In comparison, I sort of like Dustox’s design but I don’t find it useful on my team.  Still pretty unique line right?

019: Lotad, 020: Lombre, 021: Ludicolo


Depending on which version you had between Ruby & Sapphire we come into our first set of version exclusives.  Lotad comes first in the Dex and they were only found in Sapphire!  They are Water/Grass and that’s still pretty much unique to just this line.  Also to get a Ludicolo, you have to use a Water Stone on Lombre.  They’re a pretty fun line to use and Ludicolo is just such a happy, ducky Pineapple that you can’t help but wanna use one on your team!

022: Seedot, 023: Nuzleaf, 024: Shiftry


The Ruby-only set, the Shiftry line has always been a strange one for me, but I can’t explain why.  I mean it’s an acorn that ends up evolving into the Tengu…strange.  It does start off as a Grass type, but once it evolves into Nuzleaf its typing changes to Grass/Dark (which it only shares its typing currently with it’s region-mate Cacturne and Gen 8’s Zarude).  Also it evolves by giving a Nuzleaf the Leaf Stone.  It’s pretty cool, but the design baffled me a bit.

025: Taillow, 026: Swellow


Ending this first post, we get our Normal/Flying business but it follows Spearow and Hoothoot with just having one evolution.  I remember using Swellow a LOT in Sapphire which makes it a pretty good Pokemon for a while.  The thing that really stood out is that Winona (the Gym leader of Fortree City) owned a shiny Swellow which looked so damn cool in the Anime!



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