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GENERATION 3: Diving in Further! December 24, 2013

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Now we’re slowly getting into some more interesting Pokemon with the 2nd Post!  Let’s get into it now!

027: Wingull, 028: Pelipper


Wingull and Pelipper are first in this set and they’re quite something to be found early on as well lol.  As the early Water/Flying types, they definitely did make up for those who chose anyone else that wasn’t Mudkip as their starter so in that respect it’s definitely a viable option in the early game.  Wingull though is so cute!

029: Ralts, 030: Kirlia, 031: Gardevoir


Another surprise in the early list, we get our first Psychic types with the Gardevoir line.  Surprisingly, I was enjoying that we had a pretty good Pokemon to start with given it’s type and it’s look is very interesting with the whole ballerina look (but then came in the whole, why do male Ralts have to look like this?)

Those questions were answered with the 4th Generation and the addition of the split evolution into the male only, Gallade

Also, when the 6th Gen kicked in, we find out that not only Gardevoir gets a Mega Evolution but the entire line (sans Gallade) are all retyped to Psychic/Fairy which gives this line even more life than before! Even better is that even Gallade gets a Mega Evolution in OR/AS

032: Surskit, 033: Masquerain


I really couldn’t make deal with this line because it never really seemed to stand out for me.  Though it does change types from it’s Bug/Water type to Bug/Flying when it becomes a Masquerain.  It’s sad because Surskit even today is the only one with its typing (well, until Gen 7’s Araquanid line) and then evolves into something that’s a lot more common.  I don’t know, but it never really caught my eye lol.

034: Shroomish, 035: Breloom


Our next Pokemon Shroomish is also a bit derpy looking but so cute at the same time.  As another early favorite, it evolves pretty soon after into Breloom and gains the Fighting type, which at the time was pretty unique until the later generations came in.  One of the Pokemon that were on my team when I defeated the E4.

036: Slakoth, 037: Vigoroth, 038: Slaking


There’s just something about the Slaking line I just don’t like.  I mean it could be that it moves from being a sloth to looking like an ape almost (questionable evolution process) and it could be that Slakoth (and Slaking)’s ability, Truant makes using him quite frustrating.  Vigoroth on the other hand doesn’t have the ability and works better than its evolution (despite being more powerful).  I never was interested in this line and for being pure Normal types, I was kind of expecting something more lol.

039: Nincada, 040: Ninjask, 041: Shedinja


This line is a bit strange even by today’s standards hahah.  We first find Nincada which is a Bug/Ground type but still not all that strong.  By the time it gets to level 20, it evolves into Ninjask which is one of the fastest Pokemon available, but THAT’S NOT ALL, if you have an open space on your team and an extra Pokeball you get the shell of the Pokemon, Shedinja (who’s a Bug/Ghost type since it is technically dead skin lol).  The shtick with Shedinja is that it only has 1 HP…but also its ability Wonder Guard which means not a lot of attacks hit it, but it’s still quite the frail Pokemon.  Great line and I love having a Ninjask on my team.

042: Whismur, 043: Loudred, 044: Exploud


Another line of Pokemon that still doesn’t really stand out for me is the Exploud line.  However, unlike the Slaking line, this one doesn’t have any REAL issues about it, but they just kind of run with that meh Normal type Pokemon list.  Though people were wanting a Sound type (and I’m sure if that happened this line would almost be the poster Pokemon for it).  I do like the design too, but Exploud…crazy, big design here.

045: Makuhita, 046: Hariyama


Our next line are both pure Fighting types, Makuhita and Hariyama and boy are they bulky to go against because they are based off sumo wrestlers.  I feel like it’s nice since they are early Fighting types, but it seems like they get past up by various other Fighting types and they seem to just kind of miss the radar a lot with me (cept Sun/Moon where they’re early and viable in the story of the game).

047: Azurill


Doesn’t it look so sad?!?  When I went back and looked at the Hoenn Pokemon introduced I was surprised there was only two Pokemon to be connected to another from a previous generation 0.o.  Of course Azurill is the Baby forme of Marill which is pretty cool but it’s also a Normal type which really is kind of odd but at the same time not.  Still pretty weak regardless but if you want a Marill or want Azurill I guess its good for completionists.

Though in Gen 6, Azurill’s type got an addition and it’s now a Normal/Fairy type.  Granted, still not the best to use but at least the rest of the line got the addition as well.

048: Nosepass


This generation introduced a LOT of Pokemon that didn’t evolve and a lot of them left me wondering why they were a one-stage Pokemon like Nosepass.  I mean it’s a pure Rock type which is the 2nd of its kind (Sudowoodo although Regirock shares it too but it’s found later in the Hoenn line).  Based off the Moai statues, I thought Nosepass was a really odd Pokemon in-game and also in the Pokemon world.  It just didn’t excite me.

When the 4th Gen happened though Nosepass did get an evoluion in the form of Probopass, but we’ll talk about him at a later date, just know that it gained the Steel type to go alongside it’s previous form’s Rock type.

049: Skitty, 050: Delcatty


The last set of the Pokemon in this post, we get another set of Normal types with Skitty and Delcatty (continuing the set of Cat Pokemon is every generation except Johto).  They also seem to be the only ones between them that has to have a stone to evolve, in this case to get a Delcatty, you have to use a Moon Stone on it.  Though like the other kitties, they aren’t all that useful and the Moon Stone could be used for other Pokemon.