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GENERATION 3: Moving midway! December 30, 2013

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Woo, we’re at the mid way point, sorry for missing some days, you know the holidays and all xD…anyway, let’s move on!

051: Sableye


On our 3rd post, we begin with another duo of version exclusives.  Sableye are found only within Sapphire and they’re a pretty unique type of Dark/Ghost (well before 4th Generation happens).  There’s something quite edgy about this Pokemon and its gemstone eyes are totally cool.  Before other greats came along, Sableye was pretty good not having a lot of weaknesses.  Since then it’s been surpassed and now all I’m thinking is why doesn’t Sableye have an evolution???

I suppose that’s sort of answered in OR/AS where it gains its Mega Evolution.  Visually not much has changed in Sableye other than getting a giant gemstone.  Though it’s special defense goes way up!

052: Mawile


Ruby players instead get Mawile who actually at that time was the first pure Steel type to be found.  I’ve always was interested with it because of its design and the funky jaw hair that it has.  For a while, I thought of it just like I did with Sableye because it doesn’t evolve or anything.

However, once Generation 6 rolled around, there were some changes for it.  Mawile became a Steel/Fairy type (which it shares with Klefki & Magearna) AND it got a Mega Evolution to go along with it.  It’s pretty strange that it did because it’s one of those that came unexpectedly.  Still a cool Pokemon regardless.

053: Aron, 054: Lairon, 055: Aggron


After the introduction of the two types in the previous generation, Gamefreak did need to raise the amount of the Pokemon for them a lot.  The Aggron line was a pretty cool addition and has a pretty strong typing with Steel/Rock.  A bit bulky and slow, but still a pretty powerful Pokemon regardless

In Gen 6, in its “rivalry” to Tyranitar, Aggron got a Mega Evolution as well and as we all should know it’s the only Mega that lost one of its typings (in this case, Mega Aggron lost it’s Rock type and became pure Steel).

056: Meditite, 057: Medicham


Our next Pokemon was another one I used prominently in the game and that’s the Fighting/Psychic Medicham line.  I have to say I really liked using Medicham back then because it was pretty versatile and quite reliable.  I don’t get the color change between the two although it works with Ruby/Sapphire right?, but it’s a pretty quirky Pokemon.

Gen 6 brought it a Mega Evolution and it’s another one of those that I didn’t really understand much because I didn’t think it needed it in the first place, but hey it’s whatever.

058: Electrike, 059: Manectric


Same can be said about our next Pokemon in which they have a weird color switch upon evolution.  As pure Electric types, the Manectric line initially looked a bit odd to me, especially Electrike because of its corn husk ears xD.  Then it shifts into the Blue/Yellow Manectric and it kind of just looks so much better

However, another thing that this and the Medicham line shares is that it has a useless Mega Evolution and design-wise looks pretty bad, especially the fact its fur takes the shape of a lightning bolt…  I’m rather here nor there with this line, but I tend to be fonder of Manectric over Medicham so hmmm and that goes even for its Megas.

060: Plusle


To me, I think 3rd Generation solidified that the series would begin another set of Pokemon that would always show up somehow in a Gen.  That being a Pika-esque Pokemon.  In 3rd Gen, we get two of those and we start with Plusle, or the one we find in Ruby.  The big usage is to kind of promote the new 2 vs. 2 battles since having Plusle and Minun together seem to work out better.

061: Minun


Though I will say that if I did get one of them, I usually end up with Minun simply because blue is one of my favorite colors and I think it slightly got the better draw of the hand, but it’s still rather weak.  There’s really not much else to say about these two other than it’s a Sapphire exclusive of course.

062: Volbeat


As one of the first Bug types that were revealed, I was certain that it was going to take the place as the Gen’s typical first bug, but in actuality it isn’t.  Add on that it’s an exclusive to Sapphire and you’re just kind of like BUT IT’S RED!!.  Yup, for being a pure Bug type (and not Bug/Flying or even part Fairy) it kind of doesn’t really stand out well and it’s kind of basic to me and it’s male-only…hmm

063: Illumise


On the other hand, Ruby gets the female-only Illumise (whose name always bothered me with pronunciation, it’s not ee-loo-myze….but it’s ee-loo-mee-zey).  That’s just a tad awkward figuring that out in the long run.  Like Volbeat, I don’t find much use in it because they share the same type and almost have similar stats.  Not a bad Pokemon, but not memorable.

064: Roselia


I really don’t know why Gamefreak released so many one-stage Pokemon and Roselia is another one of those baffling mysteries, well originally.  As a Grass/Poison type, it really never stood out (especially since there were others like Venusaur and Vileplume who were pretty much stronger in every aspect.  It is pretty cute though so I can’t bag it too much.

With 4th Gen, Roselia got a pretty big buff with an evolution in Roserade (with the new Shiny Stone) BUT also got a pre-evolution as well with Budew.  It was pretty weird to see that Roselia got both pretty quickly but it definitely helped the line out.

065: Gulpin, 066: Swalot


Whenever I see these two Pokemon (especially Swalot) I can’t help but think they’re just clones of Grimer and Muk.  If you didn’t know they’re also Poison types so the similarities are just that much more obvious.  Though they do learn some pretty good moves, I usually tend to forget about them as well.

067: Carvanha, 068: Sharpedo


I was wondering when we’d get our shark Pokemon and once again we have a case of illogical evolution process.  We know Carvanhas are based off of Piranhas, but how is it even possible to evolve into a shark?  Seems a bit farfetched (no pun intended).  It’s Water/Dark typing is pretty nifty (and only shares at this point of time with Crawdaunt).  It’s nice, but Sharpedo has always looked weird to me, like it needs a longer body…it just looks awkward like that…

OR/AS though brought us a mega evolution with Sharpedo which looks a lot better as a shark!  Though nothing too noticeable happens beyond the extra Attack and the fact that it LOOKS like a shark xD

069: Wailmer, 070: Wailord


I remember when Gamefreak was starting to talk about Gen 3, we got Wailmer as one of the first Pokemon to be shown and I was a bit confused because it was so rotund and didn’t really look like a whale, but then Wailord appeared and things made sense.  Plus Wailord is used for getting one of the Regis and it began that really awkward meme about the fact Skittys and Wailord can mate.  Strange Pokemon, but I kind of like it as a Water type (though I didn’t use one at the end).

071: Numel, 072: Camerupt


So we get our next Pokemon and at first I was going to say that it made no sense because Numel is a camel while Camerupt looks more like a cow than a camel, but has volcanos as humps xD.  As the only Fire/Ground still to this day, they still look a bit fragile and a bit tad slow at that too.  It’s derpy though and I like that about these designs.

Camerupt though gets a new Mega Evolution in OR/AS and it really doesn’t impress me very much and it just kind of seemed to be a thing because Camerupt was like the main Pokémon for Team Magma (while Sharpedo was for Team Aqua).

073: Torkoal 


You’re gonna hear me say it again, I can’t understand why some of these Pokemon didn’t get evolutions (or pre-evolutions) because it seems so strange to me for Pokemon like our pure Fire-type Torkoal to really be a stand-alone.  Let’s be honest though, the only reason I remember Torkoal is because Ash owns one.  I just kind of wish it had more to it, though later on Heatran would come along and kind of steal its spotlight (even though minus the spider-y bits, it reminds me of Torkoal).

074: Spoink, 075: Grumpig


Finishing pt. 3, we end it off with Psychic-type piggies.  Yeah, you heard it, Spoink and Grumpig are Psychic types which is really weird because who would’ve though to put those two together.  They kind of go hand-in-hand with 5th gen’s Elgyem & Beheeyem in the way that they’re just there and really didn’t leave much of an impact on me.