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GENERATION 3: Some oddballs up ahead! December 31, 2013

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Well part 4 huh, not much to say but at least we get some interesting Pokemon here!

076: Spinda


Kicking this post off, we get Spinda who by thought isn’t really all that special, since it’s a pure Normal type.  Though its gimmick in the series is that not one Spinda is the same (aesthetically).  There are actually 4,294,967,296 different variations and you probably need to double that number because the fact shines exist so it’s pretty damn high.  Still, it’s mostly just for to capture and doesn’t really stand out otherwise beyond its many different looks.

077: Trapinch, 078: Vibrava, 079: Flygon


I’ve always thought the Flygon line was one of the more odd additions to the Generation though it kind of makes sense as it starts from and Antlion and grows into an adult one.  Though the Ground typing makes a lot of sense, it’s addition of Dragon once it evolves into Vibrava is a little bit of an odd choice, but it’s always a great combination and to be honest, I prefer this over Garchomp, though the latter IS better in certain cases.

080: Cacnea, 081: Cacturne


When it comes to the more evil-looking designs, I can’t help but think of the Cacturne line right from the start.  They look sofreaky yet so cool and basic that it kind of worked and I definitely raised a Cacturne up during my adventure.  Cacnea starts off being a pure Grass type and when it evolves becomes the dual type of Grass/Dark (which like I mentioned before, shares with Shiftry).  Cool looking Pokemon FTW.

082: Swablu, 083: Altaria


It seemed like when I played through Sapphire, I saw a LOT of Altaria in the game.  Swablu might not be anything very exciting since it’s a Normal/Flying type and we all know how those turn out most of the time.  However, once it evolves, it drops the Normal-type and replaces it was the Dragon type and we get a pretty cool Pokemon (which it only shares with Dragonite and the Noivern line).  Altaria is a pretty great Dragon to have on your team and even I used one most of the game.

In OR/AS, we get a Mega Evolution for Altaria, changing it’s typing to Dragon/Fairy (ironic since Dragons are really bad against Fairy-types.

084: Zangoose


I know there’s a lot of Normal types but damn they could’ve done something cool with Zangoose.  I love its design hands down and its ferocious tendency to attack Sevipers as it is, makes it a pretty cool Pokemon.  Sad to say though it was only in Ruby so I missed out on it up until Y where I finally was able to catch/train one, though it’s still rather lackluster seeing as it doesn’t evolve.

085: Seviper


For us Sapphire lovers, we got the Poison-type Seviper and I still find it hilarious that the anime screwed up and thought Arbok evolves into it.  Even though it has a more interesting type, it’s still rather plain and being a Pokemon with no evolutions, it kind of sits low on the totem pole alongside its rival opposite.

086: Lunatone


Another set of exclusives, Lunatone would be the Sapphire’s choice and I really liked how it’s based off the Moon.  Being a Rock/Psychic type doesn’t mean it’ll be used in a crowd but it’s still a cool design and one of the more stranger designs to come from GameFreak.

087: Solrock


Probably the second Pokemon that I wished wasn’t an exclusive, Ruby players got Solrock who is essentially just like Lunatone but in a way it has more usage because it’s more attack-based.  Being based off the Sun, I was also surprised seeing it learn some Fire-type moves despite that it’s also a Rock/Psychic type like Lunatone…definitely a strange Pokemon, but I like it a bit more than it’s Lunar counterpart.

088: Barboach, 089: Whiscash


Oh boy another Water/Ground type!  I’ve always though the line was a weird addition as well, though it gives Electric types more woes than it needs haha.  There’s just something about Whiscash that I never found too appealing for me, but they aren’t bad Pokemon.  Though Barboach is kind of cute and Whiscash is derpy cute lol.

090: Corphish, 091: Crawdaunt


Even more Water Pokemon!  They kind of remind me of the Kingler and Clawitzer line which is pretty cool since we’re getting marine animals from all over the map (since Hoenn was very ocean-centric).  Corphish is pretty basic, but it evolves into the Water/Dark Crawdaunt (whose name WAS going to be Lobstar but changed at the last minute).  Crawdaunts are pretty cool and love having one in my team, but in recent games it looks smaller than normal xD.

092: Baltoy, 093: Claydol


I think the weirdest designs are probably these two Pokemon, Baltoy and its evolution, Claydol, are based off of old clay figurines (and when I saw Claydol more importantly, it did remind me of Digimon’s Shakkoumon.  They are also a unique typing of Ground/Psychic which is pretty awesome and Claydol was another I kept around for a REALLY long time.

094: Lileep, 095: Cradily


We finally get to the Generation’s selected fossil Pokemon starting with the oddball one (in my opinion).  First they are unique as they’re still the only ones with the type of Rock/Grass.  However, the shenanigans are more around its design.  I get what they were going with, but did they really need a wreath of penises?  I didn’t choose it not because of the latter reason, but I kind of liked Armaldo a bit more than the strange Cradily.

096: Anorith, 097: Armaldo


Ok, so the design for Armaldo’s line isn’t all the great either, but at least it’s not covered in dongs lol.  However, its typing is not unique, Rock/Bug (shares with Shuckle and the Crustle line).  Armaldo though would’ve been better if those eyes weren’t so oblong xD.  Otherwise, I just used it because it was a fun fossil Pokemon.

098: Feebas, 099: Milotic


Probably the most infuriating and frustrating Pokemon to get we have a sort rival to Gyarados’ line.  Feebas looks like a Magikarp that became rotten.  Sad fact though is that to find one they are in ONE little block on one of the bigger routes so it’s pretty rare and crap to catch.  Adding more salt to the wound, it’s evolution, Milotic was originally just as tough to get because you have to max out its Beauty stat with the Pokeblocks.  A lot of work to get Milotic who’s still a pure Water type at the end of it all, but it’s definitely a nice Pokemon to have.

In Gen 5 and on, the way to get Milotic is changed and now you just merely trade a Feebas holding a Prism Scale.

Though in the Hoenn remakes coming for the 3DS, we seem to go back to the old way to obtain a Milotic.

100: Castform


The final Pokemon on this post is a rather unique Pokemon and not much like it.  Castform at its roots is a Normal-type Pokemon and really doesn’t stand out amongst the crowd.  However, once you get into weather changes thats where it begins to stand out.  When either Rain Dance (or raining in the area), Hail (or when it’s snowing in the area), or Sunny Day is in effect, Castform’s ability Forecast makes it change its type into Water, Ice, and Fire respectively and its look changes to fit said condition.  Otherwise, it’s a pretty gimmicky Pokemon and nothing that would really stand out in the metagame.  BTW, it has BOOOOOBS.



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