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Up Up Girls – Nijiiro Mosaic/ENJOY!! ENJO(Y)!! January 2, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Nijiiro Mosaic
  2. ENJOY!! ENJO(Y)!!
  3. Nijiiro Mosaic (Instrumental)
  4. ENJOY!! ENJO(Y)!! (Instrumental)

1. Nijiiro Mosaic

I find it nice they’re relasing a winter single right before Christmas and New Years.  Nijiiro Mosaic is definitely a quick song for the group and strikes me as a pretty cool EDM song (almost drum & bass with slight elements of dubstep).  There’s something about it that also reminds me of DDR music, but in a way it works for UUG.  I quite like this and it shook up the typical idol winter formula!

2. ENJOY!! ENJO(Y)!!

The other A-side from the single was a little more difficult to handle.  It’s pretty upbeat like the primary A-side, but this song is heavily overloaded with auto-tune which is actually something that bothered me a bit.  I think Morisaki doesn’t suit the style much because IMO she does have the vocals that I recognize more than any other member of the group.



Wow, they actually had to release ANOTHER single before 2013 ended.  Their winter single is nice overall, I definitely enjoyed Nijiiro Mosaic a lot more than ENJOY!! ENJO(Y) simply because the former wasn’t heavily drowning in auto-tune like the latter.  Seeing as they finally announced their sophomore album, I’m pretty sure it’ll be overflowing with single tracks, hopefully they’ll have some surprises in store.