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Chihiro Onitsuka – Itazura Pierrot January 3, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Itazura Pierrot
  2. Who Will Save Your Soul
  3. Itazura Pierrot (Backing Track)

1. Itazura Pierrot

It’s been a while since we’ve heard Chihiro and she pulls out a random indies single during 2013 and Itazura Pierrot at first kind of had a circus-y feel to it, but once the track begins, it sounds more like a Country song which might toss some people to the side while they turn their heads.  It’s weird her vocals have been up and down since her surgery and for Itazura Pierrot it’s kind on the lower end of the spectrum.  The song does kind of suit her more huskier voice, but she has moments where her voice breaks in lines and it doesn’t seem like it’s a technical idea.  So it’s a bit random of a song and since it’s indies, I kind of was disappointed in the song.

2. Who Will Save You Soul

The B-side for the single is a cover of the big Jewel song that we all knew and love in the 90s.  Of course we just came from Onitsuka’s cover album, “FAMOUS MICROPHONE” and to hear another cover made me kind of worried.  Kind of more acoustic, I was kind of here nor there because Chihiro’s English is REALLY accented and her voice kind of just doesn’t work and Chihiro doesn’t even try to hit the notes Jewel could so the song sounds really different.  Yeah, not impressed.



I just couldn’t with this single, something about this single just screamed pushed and kind of fail here.  Itazura Pierrot is the better song, but compared to songs that were from “Ken to Kaede” this really paled on a lot of levels.  Her Jewel cover…yeah let’s just act like it never happened.  Yeah, not a great single.


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