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FLOWER – Shirayuki-hime January 3, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Shirayuki-hime
  2. Hatsukoi acoustic version
  4. Shirayuki-hime (Instrumental)
  5. Hatsukoi acoustic version (Instrumental)
  6. COLOR ME UP! (Instrumental)

1. Shirayuki-hime

It seems weird that we get another Winter song (especially since two singles ago, we had “Koibito ga Santa Claus”).  However, this isn’t a cover so we’re back to regular FLOWER.  As the ballad A-side, Shirayuki-hime actually isn’t all that bad and kind of stands out amongst their A-sides in that fashion, but at the same time it seems really vanilla of a song and in the long run, doesn’t really stick onto me.  I suppose I can grow to like it, but right now, it’s not ranking as the group’s best work yet.

2. Hatsukoi acoustic version

If you were wondering, Hatsukoi was a song the group released as a digital single back in October.  Listening to that song, it was basically a plain FLOWER song with not much to really fall back on as it’s quite typical from them.  The acoustic version takes out the beats and adds a piano/strings arrangement to fit the vocal melodies of both singers.  I actually thought it progressed a lot stronger than the A-side and it sounds a LOT better as the leading ballad and better than the original version.


For a wintry single, placing COLOR ME UP! here seems rather abrasive and not really suiting the single because this track is upbeat and has more of a summertime feel which totally throws this single off.  By itself, it actually sounds pretty good and makes up for FLOWER being an R&B group by giving us a dance track.  Actually it reminds me of “what I want”.  It’s a fun song though and really gets me thinking that the group would be a great dance group (if they were given something more challenging).



As the first single without their leader, Erina, Shirayuki-hime is a little better of a single than “Taiyou to Himawari” since two of the three songs were quite strong.  I love the acoustic version of Hatsukoi as it definitely sounded stronger.  COLOR ME UP! is also a good song as it shows off more of FLOWER’s dance sound and they should focus more on this.  The main track though was kind of boring and definitely overshadowed by Hatsukoi.  With their first album FINALLY announced, I can’t wait to review it!


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