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LM.C – My Favorite Monster January 3, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. My Favorite Monster
  2. Dolce Vitter

1. My Favorite Monster

Seems to be randomly off time to be releasing something that’s sort of Halloween-ish in December don’t you think?  My Favorite Monster is such a twist from the group’s normal as it’s kind of set in this electro/rock groove.  maya definitely sounds like he’s having fun with the song and some of the parts he has a little bit of auto-tune.  It’s a little basic and yet sounds totally unique to the duo.  I actually dig it!

2. Dolce Vitter

I wasn’t expecting the B-side to kind of be more of a lighter track in comparison to “My Faovrite Monster”, it’s actually kind of a pop/rock track and has this simple arrangement as well.  For fans, this might be a tad generic and kind of corny to listen to, but there’s something about it they did right.



After a short break, LM.C comes back with another single in My Favorite Monster and compared to their last couple of singles, the duo took a different approach to this single and went more of that electropop groove.  To me, the A-side was pretty awesome, though the B-side was kind of missing something and is slightly generic for them too. With a mini-album on its way, I can only wonder what they’ll fill that with (possibly the A-side here and “DOUBLE DRAGON”).  Overall, not bad, but could slightly alienate fans for a bit.


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