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GENERATION 3: Before hitting the Legendaries! January 6, 2014

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Alright, we’re getting close to finishing Generation 3, but lets get through our non-legendaries before everything else.  So let’s get things going now!

101: Kecleon


Kecleon is our first to come up in this post and fitting as well since it was also one of the first Hoenn Pokemon announced!  Sadly, it’s another one of those Normal types that really don’t have much to do in the long run.  Initially it’s ability was useful, but since then other Pokemon have obtained it so it makes Kecleon even more low on the tier and kind of doesn’t seem useful even for regular play.

102: Shuppet, 103: Banette


Finally some Ghost types!  Of the two lines we got, I wasn’t as impressed by them unlike the next one, but that’s because Banettes were everywhere in the later half of the game so it did get annoying to deal with.  They still are pretty freaking cool and since Ghost types are my favorite type, I did find these to be great to use.

In Generation 6, it got a boost in the form of a Mega form.  Why it got it beats me, but it definitely gave the line a little more importance (and it kind of caught of with Dusclops after it got Dusknoir as an evolution).

104: Duskull, 105: Dusclops


I actually preferred the Dusclops line because simply, they look cool as hell!  Duskull was another Pokemon that was first shown when the Generation was announced and I kind of was surprised that it wasn’t as common as Shuppet/Banette was.  Still not my favorite Pokemon but it definitely was a great addition to the series.

In Gen 4, Dusclops got an evolution with Dusknoir and you get that by trading Dusclops while it’s holding a Reaper Cloth.  More on it in a later post and eventually you can catch wild Dusknoir in Gen 8!

106: Tropius


I never understood why Gamefreak never really did anything with Tropius after the 3rd Gen because as a single stage Pokemon with a unique typing of Grass/Flying (well until Shaymin’s alternate forme), I would’ve expected by now it would’ve had a pre-evolution at the least…it just seems to make sense that it would.  I don’t hear a lot about it in the metagame so I really don’t know if it really stands out amongst the crowd or not.

107: Chimecho


Another odd addition to the series, Chimecho was this generation’s Cryogonal (meaning it’s found in one spot in the game and it has a very low appearance rate).  I mean it was great finding one and catching it, but as a pure Psychic-type, Chimecho kind of runs on the lower side of the charts with nothing totally big about it.  When I first got the game, I loved it for it’s weird design

In Generation 4, we got a pre-evolution in the form of Chingling which were catchable and like other Baby Pokemon, you have to raise its happiness high enough and level it up to gain a Chimecho.

108: Absol


Probably my favorite design of the Hoenn region, we have the awesome Dark-type, Absol!  I don’t know why I like it so much but it has a pretty awesome look to it.  It’s not a useful Pokemon in the long run right, but I think maybe people ignore that and use it regardless because it’s a nice Dark type to have on your team.

To add more awesomeness to Absol, in the Kalos region, it gains a Mega Evolution and it becomes a force to reckon with making it a LOT better than before.  Great boost to an already good Pokemon!

109: Wynaut


The only other Pokemon in the Generation to be related to someone in the past Gens, Wynaut is the pre-evolution to our favorite troll Pokemon, Wobbuffet!  It’s addition wasn’t too big, but it’s weird thing is that it gets 4 extra moves so now the Wobbuffet line can learn 8 moves in total and it’s still a troll Pokemon through and through.  I can only wonder why it was made for such a Pokemon that is already odd xD  Damn Psychic types xD.

110: Snorunt, 111: Glalie


We get into some Ice-types which is another type I really love and wished it was more capable.  Glalie as a pure Ice-type is a really defensive and fun Pokemon to use, but the design kind of heavily reminds me of Forretress >.>  Snorunt is adorable and the fact Ash had captured one made me love it even more!  Overall, even though there’s better Ice types out there, I love these two designs.

But it didn’t end there.  In Gen 4, the line got a split evolution in the form of Froslass who has a dual type of Ice/Ghost and is female-only.  More on that when I go through Sinnoh.

Then in Generation 6 OR/AS, Glalie gets a boost with a Mega evolution as well which looks beastly and looks awesome, but kind of sad that it’s jaw is broken!

112: Spheal, 113: Sealeo, 114: Walrein


Oh hey another 3-stage Pokemon!  As the type of Water/Ice, the Walrein line was one that never really stood out well from the Generation.  They were found a bit late in the game and by then I was already suited with Glalie to not have found another Ice type.  I’m sure they have their uses, but not with me unfortunately.

115: Clamperl, 116: Huntail, 117: Gorebyss


The next couple of Pokemon are more Water types which is cool and all but there’s not a lot of special ones here.  Clamperl though might be something different.  I mean it has a split evolution right off the bat!  Depending on which item your Clamperl is carrying, a DeepSeaTooth or a DeepSeaScale, you get either Huntail or Gorebyss respectively and the difference between the two is that Huntail is more Attack-based and Gorebyss is more Special Attack-based.  For me, I like Gorebyss better, but I know people can enjoy Huntail as well.  BTW, both are still pure Water-types after evolution.

118: Relicanth


As a Rock/Water type, Relicanth was also another rare Pokemon to get in the R/S games and makes sense since it’s based off of the Coelacanth which was thought to be extinct  in real life but recently made a reappearance.  The importance though comes with its appearance in Ruby & Sapphire where you need one of these and a Wailord to kick off the obtaining of the Regis.  Otherwise, I tend to forget it’s a Pokemon to use in-game lol.

119: Luvdisc


I had no idea what to say back then when I saw Luvdisc because being so cutesy and a pure Water-type easily meant it was going to be a weak Pokemon.  I didn’t expect it was going to be crappy all-around and only caught for Heart Scales (items you can give to the Move Tutor to make Pokemon learn moves).  I still kind of wished Alomomola was related to it to give it some kind of boost, but it didn’t happen.  Still sucks today.

120: Bagon, 121: Shelgon, 122: Salamence


We get into our pseudo-legendaries starting with the Salamence line.  As the ever usual awesome Dragons, I thought this was a great line in Sapphire especially when it reaches its final evolution where it gets the dual type of Dragon/Flying.  Though Shelgon is one UGLY design.  I will never understand why certain Pokemon need cocoon mid evolutions (akin to Pupitar) plus Shelgon is a totally different color from Bagon and Salamence…never really made sense that it’s basically Cloyster with legs and a Dragon typing xD.

So OR/AS introduces us to Mega Salamence and well nothing too much changed, it looks like a giant boomerang/torpedo XD with a LOT of extra defense to boot.  Be interesting to see how it’ll turn out.

123: Beldum, 124: Metang, 125: Metagross


The final Pokemon before hitting the Legendaries, the Metagross line was another design I instantly fell in love with but was sad to see that you didn’t get a Beldum until WAY late in the game (actually if I remember, it was post-game?).  This Steel/Psychic (if it wasn’t for an event Pokemon, it would’ve been unique) Pokemon is great and a must-have for the 3rd gen.

I love how OR/AS has brought Mega Metagross in.  When the game first releases, there’ll be an event that’ll yield a Shiny Beldum and with the new Mega Evolution present…this is a MUST HAVE!