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S/mileage – Ee ka!?/”Ii Yatsu” January 16, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Ee ka!?
  2. “Ii Yatsu”
  3. Ee ka!? (Instrumental)
  4. “Ii Yatsu” (Instrumental)

1. Ee ka!?

S/mileage has really jumped off the edge didn’t they?  Ee ka!? is so different because it starts off with this kind of rapping style which really sets the tune right and has some really strong lines (especially from Takechan who oddly stood out for me).  My only problem I have with the song is the chorus because once again Tsunku decided to throw in a melody that has not connections to the rest of the song.  Minus that, the song is pretty damn good and really suits their wild streak like “Yattaruchan” did.

2. “Ii Yatsu”

So the secondary A-side took a page from Momusu’s Platinum era and I kind of enjoyed hearing Tsunku making S/mileage a more mature sounding group as they’re all growing up.  This song is really strong hitting for the group and I’m surprised of how much of Ayacho I’m hearing in the tune.  Though once again, Takechan got the big line which is awesome as she pulled it off easily.  The rest of the song is pretty solid and we get to hear everyone at least once.  Pretty good tune.



S/mileage ends their 2013 with a pretty strong single almost on par with their previous single.  Though I think Ee ka!? did slightly miss the mark with having that pretty disappointing chorus.  Beyond that the rest of that song sounded great and “Ii Yatsu” was just another great serious tune from the group like “Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!”.  This era is looking quite good so far!