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The final Hoenn post is of course the list of Legendaries, now let’s not waste time and get into it!

126: Regirock


We begin with the trio legendaries and boy they had some interesting ways to get to them.  On Route 11 in the 3rd Generation games, there’s a cave inside and you have to figure out what the Unown spell out and in this case it tells you from the sign, move two steps right, two down and use Strength to obtain it.  Of the 3 Regis (plus Regigigas), I kind of of enjoy it the least, but being a pure Rock legendary is nifty.

127: Regice


I think the next Legendary is my favorite looking of the 4 Regis.  It might not bring anything too new to the table since we have Articuno as that Ice legendary but this is a pure Ice-type.  I just love how smooth and angled it looks.  Definitely a pretty awesome Pokemon.  Also, to obtain him in Gen 3, go to the Island Cave on Route 105 and just wait 2 minutes in front of the Unown sign…yeah that easy xD.

128: Registeel


The last is Registeel and you can guess by its name, it’s our Steel-type Legendary.  You go to Route 20 to the cave there and just use Fly in the middle of the room to be able to fight it.  Registeel is pretty notorious for having the Hitler salute in Gen 4, but otherwise, it’s a pretty cool Pokemon even though I would still take Regice over it any day.

129: Latias


Back when Gen 3 was announced there was a picture shown of a female trainer riding a cross between Latias and Blaziken and well you know how that turned out.  Latias is 1/2 of the roamers of the generation and is only found in Sapphire normally in its roaming state.  In Ruby, you have to either well trade one from Sapphire or be involved with an event that comes with an Eon Ticket which you can catch Latias right on the spot.  Being a Dragon/Psychic type…well that just screams powerful.  Also has the unique move Mist Ball…hmmm.

Though in X/Y through hacking, we find out that there is a Mega Evolution for it…though that’s currently the only way to get one.  I wonder if they decided to not make it public to make more use of it in OR/AS since it is Hoenn and Latias/Latios are where they debuted.  Though after playing OR/AS, it seems that both Latias and Latios were more important to the story and with their new Soar ability…yeah they were central to the storyline.

130: Latios


Basically, Latios is reversed to its sister. So the same thing applies into catching it but flip the games.  Still a Dragon/Psychic and its always male lol and it has the unique move, Luster Purge.

Read above to see the news about them having Mega Evolutions.

131: Kyogre


Sapphire’s main legendary is Kyogre who is a pure Water-type.  Even though it reminds me of Wailord, Kyogre is a pretty awesome Pokemon and has a lot better stats too.  Being part of the game’s story as well sounds intriguing….flooding the lands basically.

So with the remakes happening, we get a new kind of Evolution that surrounds itself with the two legendaries from Ruby/Sapphire.  This new “Primal” evolution deals with the Pokemon going back to their original (and more powerful) forms.  Kyogre’s doesn’t do much at the moment but everyone knows it’s a lot hell stronger!

132: Groudon


Ruby players get Groudon which like its name suggests, it’s a Ground type…and yet whenever I see this guy around its using Fire moves majority of the time (and Earthquake it seems).  Even in Smash Bros., it was using Overheat (a Fire move).  In the story, Team Magma wanted to revive it to dry up the land so more land Pokemon can live on the land.

In OR/AS the worries of the lack of Fire type is erased!  It’s Primal Evolution changes it to a dual Ground/Fire type and with that comes more power for this heavyweight!

133: Rayquaza


The 3rd one and really the last before Event Pokemon, Rayquaza was pretty much a post-game addition kind of being the middle of the whole Kyogre and Groudon in which Rayquaza controls the air.  Being a Dragon/Flying, it’s a beast as well and having legendary stats, it’s one to take notice and it definitely did as a boss in Smash Bros. Brawl.

I definitely would expect Rayquaza to get a Primal Evolution just as Kyogre and Groudon did in OR/AS though ironically, Rayquaza ended up getting a simple Mega Evolution, but by god it looks amazing and it goes into it due to its unique move Dragon Ascent.

134: Jirachi


There was surprisingly two event Pokemon in this Generation comparing to the last 2 Gens having just one.  The first is Jirachi who is a Steel/Psychic Pokemon (shares with Metagross’ line).  Being one of the more cutesy legendaries, Jirachi was pretty useful and its moves aren’t bad, though it’s signature move, Doom Desire worked like a Steel-type Future Sight.  Overall not bad!

135: Deoxys


The last Pokemon from the Generation, Deoxys was an interesting Pokemon.  Being like a more space-centric Mewtwo (pure Psychic too).  Also it was pretty damn powerful.  Though those were not the only surprises that was in store.

FireRed and LeafGreen introduced Attack and Defense forme Dexoys and respectively the stats were focused on said Forme while the original R/S was named the Normal forme.

Then in Emerald, Deoxys got a 4th forme based on Speed.  All of these were interchangeable with meteorites that you found in most of the games that were after this Generation.



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