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Namie Amuro – TSUKI January 26, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. TSUKI
  2. Neonlight Lipstick
  3. Ballerina
  4. TSUKI (Instrumental)
  5. Neonlight Lipstick (Instrumental)
  6. Ballerina (Instrumental)


I love the fact that Namie kind of made TSUKI sound like what the art cover kind of portrays.  Being something that sounds non-conventional from the last couple ballads Namie released, TSUKI is really nice to listen to and Namie doesn’t try to belt the song so it’s a surprisingly good track and I feel she should do more of them!

2. Neonlight Lipstick

The B-sides were both released digitally back in October of 2013 and seeing them being put here is a bit lazy but made sense I suppose.  It’s strikingly even more odd that it’s resorted as a B-side because it definitely feels like the strongest track off this single with its pounding beats and strong lyrics sung from Namie.  I was wondering when she was going to bring something edgy like this and was happy with this, despite that it’s a bit older than the A-side.

3. Ballerina

The other digital single song as the B-side, Ballerina is also a beat-driven tune but it doesn’t come as intense as “Neonlight Lipstick” did.  For being a 3 minute song, it sure made an impact and has a lot of interesting moments throughout the tune (mostly the arrangement which is pretty badass).  Though with the focus on the arrangement, the song seems a LOT shorter than 3 minutes and I was left wanting a bit more from this song than what we got.



Namie kicks 2014 off with the first single of a new era in TSUKI.  I do feel like it might’ve been rushed but the time between this and “FEEL”, kind of says she had enough time but avex must’ve gotten lazy because they put two digital singles that were released months ago on here.  Didn’t help that both of those outshined the leading song.  It’s not a bad single, but it was a really random decision made to throw something like this.


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