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AKB48 – Koisuru Fortune Cookie February 2, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Koisuru Fortune Cookie
  2. Ai no Imi wo Kangaetamita (Under Girls) (Type A, K, and Theater Editions only)
  3. Kondokoso Ecstasy (Next Girls) (Type A only)
  4. Suitei Marmalade (Future Girls) (Type K only)
  5. Saigo no Door (Type B only)
  6. Namida no Sei ja Nai (Type B only)
  7. Aozora Café (Theater Edition only)
  8. Koisuru Fortune Cookie off vocal ver.
  9. Ai no Imi wo Kangaetamida off vocal ver.
  10. Kondokoso Ecstasy off vocal ver.
  11. Suitei Marmalade off vocal ver.
  12. Saigo no Door off vocal ver.
  13. Namida no Sei ja Nai off vocal ver.
  14. Aozora Café off vocal ver.

1. Koisuru Fortune Cookie

I definitely noticed this song garnered a lot of attention back in 2013 so I finally dug my claws into this song.  I was pleasantly surprised the song was kind of done in a idol / disco way.  It gave the tune a funky drive and it sounds fun to listen to right from the beginning.  I mean as the Senbatsu A-side I was expecting something uber lazy but I was proven wrong and this song has a fun dance to go along with it!  Not bad of an A-side!

2. Ai no Imi wo Kangaetamita

The Under Girls return again for the B-side found on most of the editions of the single, I instantly got anime vibes from the songs intro and through the rest of the track.  I don’t know why but the UG’s voice don’t sound all that good together for some reason and this song kind of reminds me of that pretty much, not a great song for me.

3. Kondokoso Ecstasy

So the single features songs from the Next and Future girls.  Starting with the Next Girls, they get Kondokoso Ecstasy and like its A-side, it has a disco groove going on and I kind of liked it because it screamed 70’s and the vocals sounded nice and a bit deeper than normal AKB songs out there which is a great move!  Fun song overall and I think is one of my more liked songs from AKB.

4. Suitei Marmalade

I was kind of expecting the Future Girls to get a more futuristic song, but the song sounds like a bland summer song from AKB with some whoa-whoa chants and more bad harmonizations which kind of disappointed me a lot.  I guess it stands out for being a bit more summer than any of the other tracks on the single, but I was tuned out from it so to speak.

5. Saigo no Door

Type B had two tracks but were special because they were songs dedicated to Tomomi Itano and Mariko Shinoda who were both graduating.  We first have the song for Tomochin.  I’m not particularly a fan of her voice as it’s so nasal and she doesn’t have much of a range and she has center vocals and has solo lines.  Though she gets shadowed by the other girls that were singing with over her.  It sounds nice though I’ll give it that and Tomomi didn’t sound strained like normal so that’s good too.

6. Namida no Sei ja Nai

The other song is another ballad but this time it’s all for Mariko.  Now I actually liked her (espcially since “Uekara Mariko” was all about her xD).  Anyways, Namida no Sei ja Nai is surprisingly a lot more basic sounding than “Saigo no Door” and kind of reminds me of “Yume no Kawa” in presentation which kind of disappoints me and I don’t hear a lot of Mariko by herself either unlike the previous tune.  For a sendoff, I think someone got screwed.

7. Aozora Café

Ending the single is of course the Theater Edition exclusive with the Kenkyuusei with Aozora Café and to be honest, the song is just as generic and bland like their last effort.  The voices are a little better, but I just couldn’t shake this song off much as it just did 0 to me.



As this technically ends the “Tsugi no Ashiato” era (though two more singles were released after this, of course I’ll review), Koisuru Fortune Cookie ends on an OK note.  Koisuru Forture Cookie isn’t half bad and I find it cute to listen to sometimes.  The rest of the single though was kind of forgettable.  I mean Tomomi’s farewell song was good and so was the Next Girls track.  The other songs just weren’t up to snuff for me.  Makes me wonder how the album is going to turn out xD 3 Discs I know…>.>


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