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AKB48 – Sayonara Crawl February 2, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Sayonara Crawl
  2. Bara no Kajitsu (Under Girls)
  3. Ikiru Koto (Team A) (Type A only)
  4. How come? (Team K) (Type K only)
  5. Romance Kenjuu (Team B) (Type B only)
  6. Haste to Waste (BKA48 (Type B only)
  7. LOVE Shugyou (Kenkyuusei) (Theater Edition only)
  8. Sayonara Crawl off vocal ver.
  9. Bara no Kajitsu off vocal ver.
  10. Ikiru Koto off vocal ver.
  11. How come? off vocal ver.
  12. Romance Kenjuu off vocal ver.
  13. Haste to Waste off vocal ver.
  14. LOVE Shugyou off vocal ver.

1. Sayonara Crawl

I actually totally need to catch up on AKB48 lol.  Sayonara Crawl kind of sounds like 90’s J-pop mixed with the group’s typical Aki.P sound which together doesn’t mesh very well to me and I felt like the song was trying to be a lot stronger than it should be.  Released as their pre-summer single, I wasn’t totally intrigued by it and kind of just was that generic AKB song…though in A-side form.

2. Bara no Kajitsu

The single’s main B-side is sung by the Under Girls, not surprisingly enough.  Bara no Kajitsu usually is something that’s middle-ground and sadly this song doesn’t really do much for me either because the girls sound so not into it and the arrangement sounds almsot dated and tired for me.  I do like the guitar riffs but that’s all this song has going for it.

3. Ikiru Koto

Of course this single is also the Team single so we have songs from Team A, K, and B (which they got switched around).  I kind of was surprised that the Team got a slower song in comparison to the other two and I kind of dig it.  The vocals in this song sound pretty good together and even though “Yume no Kawa” is a much better ballad, Ikiru Koto isn’t bad and it’s one of the better B-sides they’ve had.

4. How come?

Team K gets the cool song with How come? and I was surprisingly enjoying the song for the most except the verses where they caked on auto-tune on the 3 mains in the song.  Still it’s a catchy song though the majority of the girls don’t get too much to work with since the chorus is repetitive which is a bit disappointing.  It’s one of the best on the single luckily…comparing to…

5. Romance Kenjuu

Team B’s song Romance Kenjuu oddly enough of the songs sounds like it would’ve been made for an A-side position.  I’m liking the fact that the harmonizations are done so much smoother than in “How come?” and the energy of the song is really nice for Team B (which they usually don’t get memorable songs).  Good B-side overall and it ties with the previous song as best song on the single.

6. Haste to Waste

If you were wondering, BKA48 is pretty much Baka48 as in the girls in this group did so poorly on smarts that they got put together and had a song together.  I really felt bad that they kind of got their own song, but the song is oddly cute and bright despite the reasoning this song exists lol.  Though the members chosen were actually some of the more well-known members like Yukirin, Sasshi, and Kojiharu.  Though Rina got lead vocals because she did the worst xD.  Funny, but also catchy song overall!

7. LOVE Shugyou

The trainees get a song on Theater Editions with LOVE Shugyou and it’s pretty basic for them with this song and it sounds like MANY other AKB songs (and related groups) tracks.  Actually it reminds me of a summer song…that’s not good right?  Oh well, forget about this one.



AKB’s Sayonara Crawl was actually not a bad single but there were some stinkers.  Sayonara Crawl was a bit mundane and bland of a song and was surprised Aki.P even thought it was a good choice to promote the hell out of it.  The Kenkyuusei song was also quite bland of a song as well…just forgetful.  Luckily, the Team songs were all pretty good in their own way and Haste to Waste is definitely adorable in the right mindset.  Hmmm…are they getting better…not sure QUITE yet…


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