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AFTERSCHOOL – Heaven February 4, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Heaven
  2. Crazy Driver
  3. First Love (CD only)
  4. Heaven (Instrumental)
  5. Crazy Driver (Instrumental)

1. Heaven

I see where Shinichi Osawa went and he went to a K-pop group!  Even though it doesn’t show at first, Heaven is quite groovy and set in a disco tone (actually some of it reminds me of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” with that same 70’s bass-heavy beat.  The group sounds really pleasant and new member Ga Eun fit pretty nicely after Kahi left though it doesn’t seem there’s any solo lines (mostly group or dual lines).  I really enjoyed the song and made me wanna boogie a bit!

2. Crazy Driver

I was kind of surprised with the auto-tune found in the B-side but it kind of suited the arrangement which is a bit more of electro than the discotheque variant.  I also loved that it built up in the arrangement as well.  I think if there was a little more vocal power and less of the auto-tune, this would’ve been an amazing song!  Not bad for a B-side though, I can easily get behind this.

3. First Love

On CD only editions of the single it comes with First Love which was a big hit in Korea.  Sad it wasn’t changed into Japanese (like they’ve done with songs in the last era).  The tune is totally different from the previous two tracks as it isn’t electro/disco but something a little more R&B and sexy.  Listening to it, the tune is sexy and very chill to listen to without going into bore land.  I enjoyed it then and I enjoy it now!

I was surprised that it took over a year before AFTERSCHOOL would be back.  After Kahi left and Ga Eun joined the group, they got themselves back in Japan with Heaven and it’s a pretty good single (a lot better than “Lady Luck/Dilly Dally”).  Both of the main songs are really good, but of course I’m a little biased there.  First Love though was a nice addition, but I would’ve LOVED a Japanese version of it.  Also since it seems like their leaving the previous mentioned off their sophomore album so I wonder what it’ll be about after I review their next single.


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