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ALTIMA – Fight 4 Real February 4, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Fight 4 Real
  3. Fight 4 Real instrumental
  4. NORADRENALINE instrumental

1. Fight 4 Real

I was curious to see that ALTIMA returned but was pretty happy to see the trio return again with a new A-side.  I like that sat kind of switched his sound by adding some gritty guitars to go alongside his style of music giving a heavier song.  Though the melody when Maon sings sound almost distinctly like “Decade”.  motsu of course has his moments and raps.  Overall, it’s not bad and kind of fun to listen to.


It seems like ALTIMA’s B-sides usually intrigue me more than the leading track.  It begins with a lot of synths and a motsu-led rap and he sounds a lot more exciting than in “Fight 4 Real” and Maon plays around his voice.  It kind of reminds me of “GHETTO BLASTER” from m.o.v.e but not as urbanized.  It’s a cool song overall and sounds so original to listen to.



As their 4th and final single before their debut album, “TRYANGLE” drops, Fight 4 Real is on the same level as all the other singles.  The leading track is good and all, but once again screams fripSide…luckily NORADRENALINE sounded more original and give the trio a little more edge overall…can’t wait for the album!


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