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Kavka Shishido – Wagamama/Miss. Miss Me February 4, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Wagamama
  2. Miss. Miss Me
  3. Yakiniku Princess (Regular only)

1. Wagamama

I was happy Kavka didn’t take very long before coming back to start a new era with Wagamama.  At first I was curious as to why the song was so soft but it hid the chorus where it became a mid-tempo track with a lot of her drumming, piano, acoustic guitar, and strings.  Now I don’t feel it’s much of a strong A-side because honestly it sounds more like something from “kavkanize” but it’s a moderately good A-side.

2. Miss. Miss Me

The other A-side of the single to me sounds like more of a leading track has it has a bit more energy and it sounds like Kavka gave a bit more effort here.  When I do listen to it, I think of a lighter “Countdown” and I’m a fan of that for sure!  Plus, I love Kavka’s voice in songs like this…just has enough power and style to it.  Great song!

3. Yakiniku Princess

The B-side is oddly enough found on regular editions of the single and I couldn’t help but laugh over the title.  This is such a fun song from Kavka and you can tell that she had that centered for the song.  Kind of reminds me of how playful “Aisuru Kakugo” was when I first heard it.  I think it’s definitely the best the single had to offer.



Kavka begins her second era off with mostly a good single.  I just love how she’s just herself and just rocks out with songs like Miss. Miss Me and Yakiniku Princess, it just keeps getting better for her and I hope she keeps that up.  Wagamama on the other hand was OK, but I don’t think slower songs are her aces just quite yet, but she’s has time to really get that in.  Overall, good single from Kavka!


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