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Tohoshinki – Hide & Seek/Something February 4, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Hide & Seek
  2. Something
  3. Hide & Seek -Marcus Bogelund’s Audio Ninja Remix- (CD only)
  4. Hide & Seek -Less Vocal-
  5. Something -Less Vocal-

1. Hide & Seek

At least the group is quickly back on their feet after “Very Merry Xmas” with a dance track in Hide & Seek.  Unlike the K-pop heavy songs, this track has a sound on its own and it sounds mysterious and gritty which is so much looove and a lot better than “SCREAM” was.  This was the kind of song I was hoping the duo would release since “TONE”, actually it’s on par with “Disvelocity” for best dance track of the era  Not bad at all!

2. Something

I kind of thought the other A-side was going to be slow, but nope Something is well…something else.  It’s got this big band kind of groove.  I will have to say that Changmin sounded fierce and so did Yunho…hmm.  Though I love how unique this song is for the duo since they’ve been regulated to dance songs and ballads, so this is really exciting!  Then again learning that this is just a Japanese cover of their song from their Korean album, “TENSE” makes it a little disappointing, but still a great song nonetheless!

3. Hide & Seek -Markus Bogelund’s Audio Ninja Remix-

Seems like we get another remix from Bogelund with Hide & Seek being the victim.  I’m happy it’s for a track that could work for a remix and this time it worked!  The song isn’t as energetic like the original, but it sounds unique and I felt that it was actually cleaner and better as well.  I love the chords of the song and the tune really gives me that edge that I was wanting!



After the disappointing “Very Merry Xmas” single, the duo closes the “TREE” era (yeah, that’s the album title >.>), Hide & Seek/Something really left the album wide open for surprises!  I actually would say it’s the best single they’ve released for the era as all three tracks are very well done!  Hide & Seek was gritty and edgy and its remix cleaned the grit and made it straightforward as a dance track while Something was classy and catchy as all hell, despite being a JPN clone of its Korean original.  I wonder how the album will be like…hm…


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