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UVERworld – Nano・Second February 4, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Nano・Second
  2. LIFE

1. Nano・Second

Hm? Harmonica and synth intro?  Can’t say that isn’t original and I thought that did well setting up the song sort of.  I wasn’t expecting the track to be focused more on synths as TAKUYA begun under auto-tune before the track turned into a electrorock track.  I enjoy the changes and the band is still very explosive and energetic and suits the electronic beats.  I just found myself jamming out to this and it’s really one of the band’s more unique songs in their discography!  AWESOME!


As the band goes back into something they’re more used to, LIFE is heavy and very UVERworld as it has the normal things going on like TAKUYA’s pseudo speak/rapping, soft bridges, and then an explosive chorus.  I think as a song, it’s a little basic and there’s many other UVER songs that have done the same with better results…but this isn’t bad at all.


Another synth-heavy track?  Well, at least we’re not given another track that’s just a glorified medley.  DEJAVU already from the beginning won me over faster than “LIFE” with more energy and the saxes return as well, but they aren’t a prominent feature as past songs have used it for.  I love the synth parts, I can’t lie and I tend to already love UVER’s heavy songs and this was a nice enough change to the formula…SWEEEET!



I’m just loving UVERworld ever since the “LIFE 9 SENSE” era ended…it’s like their chest of ideas burst open and they’ve been releasing pretty good A-sides since!  The whole harmonica/electro mix out of Nano・Second just caught me off guard but it was SO GOOD as one!  I hope they do more of this in the future.  DEJAVU took the synths and expanded it further by mixing it with just the band and I loved it as well.  LIFE is good, but it’s the typical UVER song they would release and I probably won’t remember the melody after this review.  Still great single!


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