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xTRiPx – Rest in Peace February 4, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. R.I.P -intro-
  2. three minutes little story
  3. be alive
  4. clever noise [r.i.p ver.]

1. R.I.P -intro-

Of course it wouldn’t be an Oshare-kei single without an intro piece to kick things off.  I was liking this as the intro is a dance beat with some repeated words throughout the entire minute and 15 seconds.  Though I can’t say if it’s a segue into what the single will sound like.

2. three minutes little story

Yeah, it definitely didn’t lead into a dance track.  At first I thought the band was going for a pop song again, but it sounds like a rock song which is kind of what got me into xTRiPx.  It’s heavy and Yo-shiT sounds pretty good singing, but there’s someone doing the rapping and they sound odd to my ears.  If it lacked that, I’d say it’s a pretty awesome song…but it’s ok with that part, I suppose.

3. be alive

The next track didn’t even sound like xTRiPx because it’s so much grungier and the vocals are a lot different than I’m used to.  It’s like someone else was singing the track…it’s like ONE OK ROCK, but cheaper in my opinion and has more random stuff happening.  Not a fan of this one.

4. clever noise [r.i.p ver.]

The last track on the single is a new version of their song from their debut single, “snow white butterfly”.  I’ve never heard the original to compare it to so I’m just going on guesses here.  It sounds relaxing of a song compared to the previous two tracks and the addition of the hip-hop sound is kind of cool.  Yo-shiT is singing with a more quieter, raspy tone and he sounds better than he did trying it in “be alive” to be honest.  I kind of dig it overall…best song off the single.



Finally ending this REALLY long era, Rest in Peace is a mixed bag for me though the band has always been odd.  Also the band had lost two members between this and the previous single, “Disturb[da]bordeR”.  I will say their retake on clever noise was pretty nifty and three minutes little story was as well if not for the rapping.  be alive though didn’t work for me…I wonder how “Any verse” will sound hmmmm…


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