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AFTERSCHOOL – Shh February 13, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Shh
  2. rock it!
  3. Shh [Instrumental]
  4. rock it! [Instrumental]

1. Shh

Man, what is with AFTERSCHOOL and getting some bangers?  Working with Osawa once again for the leading track, Shh sounds kind of like what I would expect from him and giving it to the group just surprised me a lot!  It’s like they took “Rambling girls”, made it more smoky and it just added a lot of sexyness and I fell into its hands so quickly.  It’s just so different for the group and I think they should keep on this style as their vocals are just so sulky and smooth…great A-side!!

2. rock it!

The B-side of the single is rock it! and this reminds me of “FLASHBACK” for some strange reason, but it keeps on this more darker and smoky dance feel and it’s on par with “Shh” since it’s kind of different but at the same time familiar and keeps my interest for the entire way.  Definitely a fitting B-side!



Closing the “Dress to kill” era, Shh was just the single needed from the group to have me VERY excited for their upcoming album.  The leading track just oozes sexy and Osawa did an amazing job composing the tune since it really suits the group’s vocals just the right way.  The B-side is also really good even though the smokyness is a lot lighter…overall this is *RECOMMENDED* to listen to.


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