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Chihiro Onitsuka – The Silence is Mine/Anata to SciencE February 13, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. The Silence is Mine
  2. Anata to SciencE

1. The Silence is Mine

A song tied to the Drakengard games huh?  Means it should be pretty awesome right?  The song kind of sounds like it would’ve been more tied to Tsukiko Amano is it has a certain creepy atmosphere out it musically.  Chihiro’s vocals though kind of take me out of the song as they sound VERY scratchy and off and kind of makes the song sound so weird to listen to.  Also the song is almost 7 minutes, but the song grows and has good flow to it as it ebbs and flows between areas…but Chihiro…throat lozenge please!

2. Anata to SciencE

As a collaboration with BILLYS SANDWITCHES (who?), the other A-side is a bit more shorter at a more easier to handle length.  It’s a bit more lighthearted and has a certain 80’s pop feel to it which is nice and funny enough Chihiro sounds slightly better (but that’s because she’s got some auto-tune thrown on her).  It’s just an odd song to listen to and really didn’t feel like a Chihiro song XD.



Released simultaneously with her best album, this single was a bit WTF and didn’t seem to step up much after her last single, “Itazura Pierrot”.  I think Chihiro’s vocals are at an all time low here and it really held me back from enjoying The Silence is Mine as it’s just so gritty and offputting and very long of a song.  Anata to SciencE was a good trying at showing a more upbeat and happy side of Chihiro, but the auto-tune and the overall tone didn’t feel like her…it was almost plastic to listen to…damn what happened?


One Response to “Chihiro Onitsuka – The Silence is Mine/Anata to SciencE”

  1. Alex Says:

    I hadn’t heard of the Drakengard games, but I saw the cover art and saw the title and thought “This Silence Is Mine is going to be an awesome song”. But those vocals… yeah, they’re pretty bad. I can see that she wanted to go for an unsettling tone, but nah it didn’t really work.

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