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GACKT – P.S. I LOVE U February 13, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. P.S. I LOVE U
  3. P.S. I LOVE U -Instrumental-
  4. RIDE OR DIE -Instrumental-

1. P.S. I LOVE U

Didn’t we just have a ballad with the last single?  I guess we get another one from GACKT with P.S. I LOVE U and there’s not much to really say about the song because it’s kind of like his other recent ballads (especially the B-side from the last single, “ONE LAST KISS), but the song begins with just piano before the end of the chorus where the song unleashes a more rockin’ arrangement.  It’s a pretty dramatic song and while I’ll forget about it in the future, it’s not a bad listen, though long at 6 minutes.


The B-side luckily focuses more on GACKT’s more aggressive rock songs and hey! his voice has some filters going on for some of it.  I really tend to enjoy these songs as GACKT’s voice seems to suit these energetic rock/synth tracks.  I found this to be more memorable than the A-side which is not surprising at all…definitely listen to this one!



I don’t know when GACKT will put out another album but I’m starting to get a little bored of his music.  If it wasn’t for RIDE OR DIE, I would’ve wrote this single off because P.S. I LOVE U is more of the same stuff we had the previous single and didn’t phase me at all.  Still, the B-side definitely overshadowed the leading song in the long run…oh well…


One Response to “GACKT – P.S. I LOVE U”

  1. riza Says:

    ok…where is day breakers?

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