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MONKEY MAJIK – Story February 13, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Story
  2. little things

1. Story

The group seems to really like their light songs nowadays don’t they?  Story is one of those and we’re back to Blaise leading the song and his voice seems sometimes weird to listen to when it comes to these kind of mid-tempo ballads and sadly it does sound a lot like tons of stuff from “westview” which didn’t do much for me in the positive kind of way.  Just a forgetful song overall.

2. little things

Of course they follow it up with another SHORT B-side.  Though the song is led by Maynard and I was surprised that the song was predominantly just him (later on with Blaise) and ukelele (with light percussion).  As simple the song is and how short it was, it was cute, but not their best B-side.



Ending the “DNA” era, Story kind of dropped the ball a bit.  As much as I enjoyed “If”, Story was just kind of a throwaway single since the leading track is kind of just a typical MOMAJIK album song to me that it just didn’t stand out and little things was cute, but short and kind of a fly by of a song.  I hope their album doesn’t end up as bland as I think it will…


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