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Prague – Dassou no Season February 13, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Dassou no Season
  2. Tamashii no Silhouette
  3. Dassou no Season (agraph remix)

1. Dassou no Season

The single begins with some ~ah ahs~ before it kind of becomes this easy rock track from the band.  Yuta sounds pretty good, even though he does slightly strain his vocals during the chorus.  Still the song is great straightforward (which is quite Prague’s thing), but it’s rather catchy after a couple of listens.  Not bad!

2. Tamashii no Silhouette

The B-side shows a little more of artistic freedom from the trio as it has some interesting melodies from both Yuta and their bassist, Konno.  It’s pretty artsy and I found myself focused with the arrangement than Yuta’s singing which wasn’t as strained as in “Dassou no Season” which is pretty good.  The chorus though was pretty good though…more interesting song from the single.

3. Dassou no Season (agraph remix)

Kind of weird for a rock band to have a remix, especially Prague.  The beginning started with just bass before the song kicks in with more of a minimalistic approach to its instrumentation.  Instead of the band, it has a lighter dance feel to it and the lyrics have more of an airy touch to it.  It’s a funky remix, but it’s not bad for what it is lol.



As the only single to represent their 3rd album, “Aru Kagiribi ni Tsuite”, Dassou no Season is actually not a bad single from the band.  The leading track is good but Yuta sounds a bit rough in places but that’s fixed with Tamashii no Silhouette plus that song showed a little more spark and is more unique to the trio.  The remix was good, a bit empty but still not bad!  With this being the lone single, I wonder what they pulled out for their album!


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