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THE Possible – Otome! Be Ambitious! February 13, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Otome! Be Ambitious!
  2. Sakura (Regular only)
  3. Sakura (Acoustic Version) (Solo versions only)
  4. Otome! Be Ambitious (Instrumental)
  5. Sakura (Instrumental)
  6. Otome! Be Ambitious! (Robin no Solo Vocal Version)
  7. Otome! Be Ambitious! (Hashimon no Solo Vocal Version)
  8. Otome! Be Ambitious! (Akkyan no Solo Vocal Version)
  9. Otome! Be Ambitious! (Mororin no Solo Vocal Version)
  10. Otome! Be Ambitious! (Gotuu no Solo Vocal Version)

1. Otome! Be Ambitious!

I definitely remember this song as this is the skydiving PV.  It feels like the group took their song into a more fun and boisterous sound by retaining their rock sound but the tune has trumpets that Tsunku would love to hear.  It’s pretty catchy and makes ya wanna jump up and down along with the tune.  They definitely impressed me with this one and just pepped me up all over the place!

2. Sakura

The B-side of the single, Sakura brings things down a bit to a more of a mid-tempo acoustic track and hearing it kind of sits in the middle of the road which I suppose is a good thing.  The ladies sound surprisingly good in this setting and the chords sound pleasant to the ears.  It’s not bad and is a good comedown from the energy from the previous track.

3. Sakura (Acoustic Version)

On the singular member editions, it comes with another track which is just merely an acoustic take of the B-side.  I mean it’s better that it doesn’t have most of the things that made the original and the focus is more on the ladies, but acoustic versions never really interest me lol.



As the group’s 3rd single of the era, Otome! Be Ambitious! really picked up where “Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory!” bombed in for the most part.  The leading track is fun and loud and just wild (plus the PV was awesome).  Sakura was pretty standard, but actually kind of catchy though the acoustic take wasn’t necessary lol.  Overall, not bad, but still not better than “Nanjakorya!?”.


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