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Daichi Miura – GO FOR IT February 18, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. GO FOR IT
  2. Twinkle Shiny Star
  3. Half of You


I was pleasantly surprised that Daichi’s single begins with a funky dance tune!  GO FOR IT stands out amongst the dance tracks with more attitude and a more brass-led arrangement so it has a nice sassy punch to it.  Daichi sounds really good in the song as he’s doing a little more pushing on his vocals, but it’s an exciting song overall and definitely ended the era with a bang!

2. Twinkle Shiny Star

As such a title, I was expecting so corny ballad, but we ended with another dance track!  Actually this is more of the style we’ve been hearing Daichi take up in recent times.  I love the beat of the tune and it’s such a club-friendly song and Daichi sounds so good as well.  I have to say I kind of preferred this song to “GO FOR IT” as this is more where Daichi accels at and he definitely did it right!

3. Half of You

I guess that this was the ballad of the single huh?  Well nope, the song might not be a bump n’ grind track like “Twinkle Shiny Star”, but Half of You kind of has this deeper dance style going for it, but it takes up some dubstep here which is another thing Daichi has been oddly into it since “Black Hole”.  It’s not bad, but it’s gonna take some time to get used to lol.



Ending off his 4th era, GO FOR IT wasn’t as awesome as “Right Now/Voice” but it definitely didn’t disappoint me at all.  GO FOR IT brings us much sass with its brass-led arrangement and Daichi’s effort.  Twinkle Shiny Star (as cheesy the title is) is a great dance track and shocked it’s not on the album.  Half of You was trying something, but it did slightly miss the mark for me.  Man, I hope “The Entertainer” is gonna be awesome!


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