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i☆Ris – Ichizu February 18, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Ichizu
  2. i☆Doloid
  3. Get Over (Type C only)
  4. Ichizu -Instrumental-
  5. i☆Doloid -Instrumental-
  6. Get Over -Instrumental-

1. Ichizu

For the group’s 2nd A-side, I was kind of surprised the tone of the group switched from generic idol song to Ichizu which sounds like something from the early 2000’s avex capsule.  It’s a mid-tempo song and I think there’s just one lead here, but the song is a total departure after “Color” and I quite enjoyed the change!

2. i☆Doloid

Is this supposed to be a play on VOCALOID?  Makes sense because this song is heavy on synths and all that, but the vocals aren’t tampered with.  Actually the song sounds VERY idol-like and if it wasn’t for the cutesy synths, it would’ve been amazingly generic.  Whoever got the solo lines though sounded nice but overall this song was kind of meh.

3. Get Over

i☆Ris started a thing that we would see from this single out by making Type C editions come with a cover song.  The first is a surprise as it’s a single I covered long ago.  It’s dream’s 2001 single, Get Over.  I instantly remembered the song right from the intro, though it surprises me because the voices in the song sound so much better and deeper than in the previous track.  The cover is a bit more up to date, though it seems like all the ladies got lines (but I can’t be sure because it sounds like only two of the members sung).



After a cover album, i☆Ris came back with Ichizu and it’s a switch from their previous single, “Color” with the sound of the songs almost taking up a slight early avex sound.  Get Over also fits in the category and honestly, it was a pretty solid cover and I hope they could sing like this more often.  Howerver, the only song that didn’t fit was i☆Doloid because it was so sugary and cutesy and was a total antithesis for the single lol.


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