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Kanon Wakeshima – signal February 18, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. signal
  2. Mujuuryoku
  3. signal -instrumental-
  4. Mujuuryoku -instrumental-

1. signal

Opening up with piano, strings and Kanon playing her cello, signal is definitely a lighter affair when compared to most of her works.  As a ballad, signal doesn’t really have anything special about it as the arrangement is so simple at least before the chorus because the track gets loud and starts to include drums and guitars before going back to it’s light and easy listening tone.  It’s an odd song, but I love Kanon’s vocals for some reason, especially after the second chorus as she starts to sing in a deeper tone and I’m rather surprised!  She’s got a voice on her!  Odd A-side, but definitely something that could really catch my attention in the long run.

2. Mujuuryoku

I was wondering what we’d get with the B-side, but it seems a little more of the same, but just faster and Kanon’s voice doesn’t seem as surprisingly good unlike in “signal”.  I can tell the song wants to be a little more upbeat for her, but I don’t think this did her very well especially some of those whines she was pulling off…it was kind of piercing x.x.



Kanon finally came back to music with the second single of the era.  signal arrangement-wise is a little strange but Kanon sung powerfully which is a nice surprise and I hope she focuses on that sound for the future.  Mujuuryoku was vocally a mess and she definitely sounded poor in a LOT of the high notes.  Yeah…I’m still missing the Kanon of the past, but I suppose this is OK lol.


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