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miwa – Miracle February 18, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Miracle
  2. Smile
  3. Color*ful ~MY STYLE ver.~
  4. Miracle ~instrumental~

1. Miracle

Miracle starts out being subdued in sound with some synths before miwa comes in with some fast acoustic guitar and a breezy tone that stays the entire song.  I’m kind of enjoying the more swifter arrangement and then you have miwa’s light and bright vocals to make the song just come off as they feelgood track.  It’s a nice track of course and it definitely screams sumemr goodness!

2. Smile

On the other hand, the main B-side, Smile is more deeper and slower which is a nice change of moods.  As a ballad, miwa’s voice seems more suited for these kind of tracks and in this one it’s very pleasant to listen to but the arrangement is slightly lacking and kind of just forgetful, but ballad lovers will definitely take to this one for sure!

3. Color*ful ~MY STYLE ver.~

A new version of the B-side from her last single already?  Seems really strange XD.  This version of the song isn’t as peppy and bright like the original, but it definitely lightened on the instruments so we’re given a stripped down version with shakers, flutes, and light percussion alongside miwa’s acoustic guitar.  I actually found myself enjoying this version as well and it kind of has this island-like feel to it which I just fell in love with.  Not bad!



Closing out the “Delight” era, Miracle is overall a pretty good single!  Miracle is happy and fun to listen to and has such a strong summer tone that didn’t seem cheesy or overdone.  Its B-side, Smile is an OK acoustic ballad, but not the best she’s done and the new version of Color*ful was just magical to listen to.  Strong way to lead into her 3rd album that’s for sure!


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