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PUFFY – Datsu Dystopia February 18, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Datsu Dystopia
  2. my journal
  3. Datsu Dystopia -instrumental-
  4. my journal -instrumental-

1. Datsu Dystopia

It’s nice they begin the song with waves and chirping seagulls before going into a kind of 80’s synth pop/rock song.  I love the mix of sounds here and has nice flow.  PUFFY themselves kind of go in between fitting with the sound of the tune and not whch is odd but at the same time, they’re kind of known for that lol.  It’s fast and fun to listen to and not as odd as their last A-side was that’s for sure XD.

2. my journal

The B-side on the single is more of what I’m accustomed to by the duo and my journal reminds me of their older songs which is pretty cool.  Even their voices have that similar nostalgic sound to them which wasn’t there in the A-side.  Also it’s a shorter tune so we get to have a fast-paced quickly dealt with song.  Overall, I remembered this one more!



PUFFY’s releasing schedule is still looking a bit odd…but as their 3rd single of the era (maybe?), Datsu Dystopia made a lot more sense than what “Tomodachi no WAO!” was that’s for sure.  Both songs are pretty good for the duo and I’m liking the synth elements for Datsu Dystopia while my journal kind of harkens back to their older days which is also good.  This is probably the best single they’ve released since “Thank You!” that’s for sure!


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