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TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Partition Love February 18, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Partition Love
  2. Tsuki no Kimagure
  3. Yakusoku -Acoustic Ver.- (Type A only)
  4. Partition Love -Royal Mirrorball Remix- (Type C only)
  5. Partition Love (Instrumental)
  6. Tsuki no Kimagure (Instrumental)

1. Partition Love

For all the fans that missed TG’S’ more funky songs, the group returned to their producer after they stepped out for the last two singles.  Partition Love actually started as a digital single that was released back in September of 2013 so this has been known for quite a while and kind of is a lazy move to make it an A-side so long after (reminds me…where’s “LIFE SIZE”?).  Anyways, the song is more of the mature sound we’ve gotten a lot from the group so to many, it might not stand out, but I actually enjoyed this as it sounds sexy almost and the whispering is definitely nice to hear!  Not bad overall!

2. Tsuki no Kimagure

At least we get an original song for a B-side.  Tsuki no Kimagure is an odd song to listen to because it has kind of a bossa nova sound to it, but it doesn’t help with have that organ that sounds like something used from a baseball game here.  It’s a bit strange of a song and I’m kind of unsure if I like it or not…seems more like a no though as they kind of got a messy song to deal with.

3. Yakusoku -Acoustic Ver-

On Type A, we get an acoustic version of the title track from their 3rd album!  Yakusoku was a nice track back then and hearing now with less instrumentation doesn’t change too much for me to make an opinion different.  It’s nice though and the girls sound great (I think they resung it?).  Either way not bad of a toned down version lol.

4. Partition Love -Royal Mirrorball Remix-

As a 7 minute remix RM returns once again with their own touch of Partition Love and it starts with some beats and a strings melody which is cool oddly enough.  I love how the song changed the song from a sexy song to a more poppy feel that kind of reminds me of “Kodou no Himitsu” but with more dramatic strings and piano.  It’s a long remix, but it’s actually quite good!



After a break from their producer with the last two singles, TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE comes back to their funky style in full form with Partition Love.  Despite that it’s an older song, the track is really good and gives a more sultry vibe and its remix was also quite good, albeit a tad long.  The acoustic version of Yakusoku was also nice in the long run.  However, the single kind of falted with the B-side, Tsuki no Kimagure.  I don’t know why but it just sounds bad and awkward to listen to…couldn’t we have gotten “LIFE SIZE” instead?


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