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VAMPS – AHEAD/REPLAY February 18, 2014

Filed under: VAMPS — solarblade @ 5:47 pm


Track Listing

  1. AHEAD
  3. AHEAD (Instrumental)
  4. REPLAY (Instrumental)


Wow, VAMPS seems to just really always have that edgy and powerful sound that catches my eye.  I’m pretty impressed with hyde’s vocals as it’s so gritty and he’s singing mostly in English in the track as well.  It’s not super aggressive, but it definitely has it’s moments of badassery.  I definitely enjoyed this song!


On the other hand, the other A-side has a bit more synth found here and kind of has more of a darker tinge in comparison to “AHEAD”.  hyde’s voice is kind of sly and in the chorus has more of a desperate tone which pulled me in a lot surprisingly.  I don’t know why but I quite like this from VAMPS as we never get such a synth/rock track very much.



After a change of labels, VAMPS returns with AHEAD/REPLAY and it’s pretty solid for the most part.  AHEAD shows more of the rockin’ side of the duo while REPLAY gives us a taste of something a little more daring.  Of course two months later they would release a best album (doesn’t include this single) it makes me hope they’ll pull a 3rd era of singles because this is a good sign!


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