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yanaginagi – Aqua Terrarium February 18, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Aqua Terrarium
  2. mnemonic
  3. You can count on me
  4. Aqua Terrarium (instrumental)
  5. mnemonic (instrumental)
  6. You can count on me (instrumental)

1. Aqua Terrarium

With such a title, I was definitely curious to what nagi was thinking of.  OMG, this song definitely showcases such a feeling especially with that intro.  Then seeing that Chiaki Ishikawa helped out here made sense because it kind of does sound like a song that would also fit her voice.  I liked the relaxed sound of the track and it really does sound like a song made for underwater as it’s just so pleasant to the ears!  That bass though sounds like it was ripped from Cirque du Soleil, but it really gives this song a lot of color as well…damn…what a good follow-up after “Euaru”.

2. mnemonic

I kind of was surprised that mnemonic was actually a couple seconds longer that “Aqua Terrarium”.  I actually kind of got the underwater theme in this song too which is pretty amazing because this has a little more action from the synths.  nagi’s vocals actually to me sound a lot more livelier and pretty to listen to here.  I’m not sure which of the two songs are the best 0.o

3. You can count on me

Damn, all the songs on this single are 5 minutes long basically.  It’s funny because we come out of two mid-tempo songs that just scream underwater motif…and then You can count on me comes rushing in with a fast-paced arrangement with a lot of drums and strings…reminds me of another anison theme lol but this is kind of odd finding it on the single as it doesn’t fit…I will say that its brightness would’ve been great on her album, but here seems so…I’m not sure the right word.  By itself, nagi gave an exciting performance and it shows as she doing a great job singing here.  Fun song and I can grow to love it, but this is a wake-up call after the previous tracks!



After her first album, I was wondering what would happen with nagi, but she quickly came out of it with Aqua Terrarium and good lord is it good!  I loved that Ishikawa worked on the A-side because it really sounds like one of her songs…it was just a heavenly track, then mnemonic comes in and IMO topples that by being more along the motif of water and nagi just knocked it out.  Though the sore thumb of the single is hands down You can count on me because it’s exciting, vibrant and overall not a mid-tempo track LOL.  I have to once again say that this is a *RECOMMENDED*…damn nagi!


One Response to “yanaginagi – Aqua Terrarium”

  1. Mack Says:

    Right now I’m more fond of Mnemonic because there’s something in it that transports me into somwhere else and the setting in the song is so soothing and amazing 😀
    But this was a good single from Nagi.

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