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yanaginagi – Mitsuba no Musubime February 18, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Mitsuba no Musubime
  2. Intention Propellant
  3. unjour
  4. Mitsuba no Musubime (instrumental)
  5. Intention Propellant (instrumental)
  6. unjour (instrumental)

1. Mitsuba no Musubime

I turned the song on and we’re greeted with piano and strings and some synths in the back…though it gets cut off when nagi begins to sing.  nagi’s voice is light and pleasant and the tune ebbs and flows with the instrumentation all around.  The chorus is pretty pleasant and sounds just right.  Though coming from “Aqua Terrarium”, the song does slightly fall short and it does kind of come off as a bit *we’ve heard this kind of song before*.  Still you can’t deny nagi’s lovely voice here!

2. Intention Propellant

Moving to the B-side, Intention Propellant starts with an unusual piano melody that kind of bounces all over the measures lol.  nagi’s voice are a bit lighter than in the A-side but she adds a lot of color to the song and she fills in the spaces that the piano leave out…it’s a bit of experimenting done right and I quite liked how it turned out overall.

3. unjour

Synths open up the 2nd B-side from the single and immediately kind of caught my attention over the previous tracks.  nagi’s voice is also light and airy here and there’s a lot more experimenting found here in comparison to “Intention Propellant”.  It’s so chill and relaxing to listen to, but at the same quite otherworldly from nagi hahah…I enjoyed it!



nagi’s 2nd single of the era might not surpass her last single, “Aqua Terrarium” but it’s definitely a good single from her.  Mitsuba no Musubime is a nice tune, but I’m not responding much towards it like I was with her last one.  However, Intention Propellant and unjour are both stepping outside of the box and I really liked how both turned out (especially unjour) that’s a pretty cool tune!  Wonder what her next single will bring!


One Response to “yanaginagi – Mitsuba no Musubime”

  1. Mack Says:

    In my case I really prefer this single over Aqua Terrarium, because in my case I really love Mitsuba no Musubime but mostly thanks to Nagi’s vocals and because the 2 B-sides are so awesome and experimental. And because You can count on me isn’t that catchy as before to me.

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