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i☆Ris – WONDERLAND February 19, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Fantasia WONDERLAND
  2. Last Moment
  4. Moshimo Mainichi ga Christmas Nattara (Type C only)
  5. Fantasia WONDERLAND (Instrumental)
  6. Last Moment (Instrumental)
  7. EDGE OF HEAVEN (Instrumental)
  8. Moshimo Mainichi ga Christmas Nattara (Instrumental)

1. Fantasia WONDERLAND

Whoa, could they get any cuter?  Fantasia WONDERLAND seems so different though like the song takes you on this cute adventure, especially with the intro.  Once the group comes in, the song is basically idol cute but has some acoustic guitar and jingle bells lol.  It’s a strange song to listen to since it swerves between a peppy song and an ethereal tune.  It’s something different, but the voices might push people away…overall it’s solid and I can get behind it lol.

2. Last Moment

It seems like the single’s B-sides are solos!  This is sung by Yuki Wakai (the member in red) and her song is a ballad.  It seems like Yuki is the member that I’ve grown to really like because she has the deeper voice and here she gave a pretty good vocal performance behind a rather typical arrangement.  She’s definitely got a pretty strong voice and I hope she continues to impress!


The other B-side, EDGE OF HEAVEN is sung solo by Azuki Shibuya (the yellow member).  Surprise, surprise that it’s another ballad on the single.  I wasn’t surprised, but I was more with the fact that she’s another good singer in the group as she’s also singing in a deeper voice which actually sounds slightly better than Yuki’s.  Though the song kind of misses the mark because it becomes a rock ballad, but the guitars sound so wrong here, almost fake in a way.  It’s OK, but god the arrangement is meh.

4. Moshimo Mainichi ga Christmas Nattara

Of course their Type C edition is a cover, this time covering Scanch’s final single that came out in 1995.  I listened to the original and I was OK with it even though it was 90’s J-rock.  i☆Ris’ cover is of course a bit more jolly and Christmas-y.  It’s sounds so much that it does come off a bit generic as it just kind of doesn’t stand out (minus the horn solos) but it’s still kind of meh overall.



As the group’s 4th single, WONDERLAND is a slight improvement over their last single but not much.  The leading track is different and they actually did cute right with this one.  The solo B-sides were good for both Yuki and Azuki but I preferred Last Moment more than EDGE OF HEAVEN.  Their Scanch cover is very plain and generic and is the weakest cover they’ve done yet.  I wonder if an album is next 0.o


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