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Berryz Koubou – Otona na no yo!/1-oku 3-Zenman Sou Diet Oukoku February 20, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Otona na no yo!
  2. 1-oku 3-Zenman Sou Diet Oukoku
  3. Otona na no yo! (Instrumental)
  4. 1-oku 3-Zenman Sou Diet Oukoku (Instrumental)

1. Otona na no yo!

When I heard this song, it reminded me instantly of “Aa, Yo ga Akeru” with that kind of sexy, chill sound but still kind of has that H!P sound to it.  Though this song kind of failed in a couple areas like the whole ~I know, whoa, whoa, whoa~ area as it sounded so weird and melodically kind of just didn’t work….plus Maasa sounded so over it in that part lol.  Plus it did get overshadowed by its sister A-side.  Overall, it’s not their past but it’s an alright track.

2. 1-oku 3-Zenman Sou Diet Oukoku

Yup, with such a title like this, I wasn’t sure what we were getting (and it was kind of shady by making a diet song xD).  What I didn’t expect was a song that was so wtf-worthy.  I mean it started normal like a Tsunku electro tune but the song grows into this collision course of odd proportions like the ~doitsumo koitsumo~ and ~nengararenjuu~ lines which are SO repetitive but they’re so cool sounding that I kind of forgive it lol.  Overall, this song is really good and something I was hoping Berryz would get after the year they had in 2013.



As their first single of 2014, Otona na no yo!/1-oku 3-Zenman Sou Diet Oukoku was a pretty good single and worked a bit better than their last single.  The primary A-side is a tad on the weak side, but it definitely has A-side quality all over it so it’s not the worst they did.  The shining star (or the surprising mess) of the secondary A-side definitely is the one to check out more as it’s something the group hasn’t done but they always tend to do odd things lol.  Also, this is coming before their 2nd best album (yet neither of these songs are on it)…so I suppose it starts a new era?


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