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Mami Kawada – Break a spell February 24, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Break a spell
  2. remaining snow
  3. Break a spell <instrumental>
  4. remaining snow <instrumental>

1. Break a spell

It’s definitely something for Mami to begin a song that way.  It sounds totally unique and different for how to come in with Break a spell.  It does kind of harken back to more of her “SAVIA” days by having a more grittier sound but also kind of having the synth beats like she has become from her last album.  Though the chorus is oddly more brighter and anison in style, but the verses are in my opinion the better part of the song.  It’s alright I suppose lol.

2. remaining snow

For the B-side, I was kind of suprised the song sounded so 90’s lol.  remaining snow for me sounds uncharacteristic for me and almost idol-like strangely enough.  I don’t know, but this song is something, but I can’t seem to get behind it because it just does sound odd coming from Mami and C.G., you would think we would’ve gotten a mysteriously dark song for a B-side…but I suppose not.



Mami begins a new era (yes, because “FIXED STAR” was promoting the best album she had AND that was on there too) with Break a spell.  The single wasn’t all that great.  The main track started out good, but that chorus was kind of bland and didn’t sit well for me while remaining snow is just odd and not like Mami at all lol.  Hopefully there’ll be better ones soon!


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