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U-KISS – Break up February 24, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Break up
  2. Standing Still -Japanese version-
  3. Fall in Love (U-KISS FAN CLUB EVENT 2013 version) (CD only bonus track)
  4. Break up (Instrumental)
  5. Standing Still -Japanese version- (Instrumental)

1. Break up

Well, it seems like it was true and the group is temporarily down to just 5 members (because AJ did go back on hiatus to go back to college again.  Break up comes in on a pretty strong note being a bit more powerful, but not as speedy like “ALONE” was.  A lot of the song is focused on Soohyun and Hoon here which is not new, but I don’t remember hearing Kevin and Keseop as much as them…then you had Eli who had the ubiquitous rap section.  The mood of the song reminds me of their Korean hit, “Shut Up!”, but this song has definitely a cool style and I pretty much enjoyed it.

2. Standing Still -Japanese version-

Hmmm, odd that they would included the song the promoted their Korean album, “COLLAGE” here as it was released last year and since then things have changed.  I mean Dongho is gone and AJ is missing so the song seems so weird as just the 5-nin.  It feels like the song got some change in the arrangement as well…kind of odd, I thought the original had more punch to it.  Also, Kevin seems to have taken Dongho’s parts and Eli with AJ’s.  I don’t know, I wasn’t a fan of this version.



As the 2nd and surprisingly final single before their 3rd album, “Memories”, U-KISS releases Break up which is a pretty strong song in itself and makes for a good precursor before the album releases.  Though, the decision of including a Japanese take of Standing Still was a bit weird and with Dongho and AJ not in it, it seemed like they could’ve chose something more recent…”Mysterious Lady” maybe?  Overall not bad and I can’t wait for their album.


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