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Fairies – Run With U February 25, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Run With U
  3. Wild Baby (CD only)
  4. Run With U (Instrumental)
  5. SILLY BOY (Instrumental)
  6. Wild Baby (Instrumental)

1. Run With U

Man, this group is just never gonna go back and forth are they?  With how disappointed I was with “Hikari no Hate ni”, they returned with Run With U and it fits amongst the more cooler songs the group has.  I quite liked the style of the song and the chorus is pretty catchy.  It seems there’s more girls singing as well which is always a good thing.  Good song, still not up there to beat “White Angel” but this is pretty good!


As for the B-side, I was expecting a plain ballad, but with a title like SILLY BOY, I was in for the surprise.  It actually kind of the same groove and edge which is great to hear.  Add that I hear the girls getting more a little more into the track and I think of “Beat Generation” and “HERO” with this one but has a bit more power and idol rapping in it and I quite enjoyed it!

3. Wild Baby

Well, this is a first, we get a second B-side (albeit on the CD only release of the single).  It begins with the group shouting the title before going to a more pop/rock feel for this.  I will say that the power of the song is good, but the shouting does kind of bother me in this song.  It’s a pretty good song overall and the chorus could be catchy, I just wished they didn’t shout the title lol.



FINALLY we can have an album from Fairies!  As their 7th and final before their self-titled debut comes out, Run With U made up for the shallow and bland mess they put out with “Hikari no Hate ni”.  All three songs are a bit more on the cooler side of Fairies and they all turned out well, especially the leading track and SILLY BOY.  I just wished the group focused more on this and less cute stuff.


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