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Mai Kuraki – Wake me up February 25, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Wake me up
  2. always giving my heart
  3. Wake me up ~Instrumental~

1. Wake me up

When I first heard Wake me up, I was tilting my head in confusion because it didn’t sound like Mai-K singing…it’s like the voice was more rich and fuller in comparison to Mai’s typically thin vocals.  Alas, it was Mai and it took me by surprise!  There are traces of those thin areas but it seemed whoever she worked with focused on bringing her voice out.  Then the song became more of a bright dance song which is quite nice for Mai.  It’s a nice change and her voice is something I’d have to get used to, but it’s a good song overall.

2. always giving my heart

Seems like she gets such boring titles for her songs doesn’t it?  Of course with a title like that, it was screaming ballad and that’s what it is here.  Mai’s voice sounds like what I’m used to and she actually sounds real pretty in this song.  Then the song adds a beat and it just reminded me of songs from her first two eras.  It’s alright, but I’m just kind of zoned out from it XD.



It just seems Mai wants to try to get a more louder tone with her voice and her effort in Wake me up was a solid try, but she does sound a bit honky in areas, but the dance beats were nice…but “TRY AGAIN” did much better.  always giving my heart might be a nostalgic run to the past, but it didn’t leave much of an impression on me.  Be an interesting album when she announces one >.>


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