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Battlefield 4 (PS3) February 28, 2014

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Battlefield 4 is a FPS (First-Person Shooter) that was released not only for the PS3, but for the XBOX360, PS4, XBOX ONE, and PCs as well.  Even though it says it’s the 4th it really isn’t but hey whatever works and catches peoples eye right?  The series is pretty well-known for its gameplay and focus on other things besides gunning down people xD.  Now I will say right here that IT’S MY FIRST GAME UNDER THIS GENRE…yeah I played Halo but never owned it so it really doesn’t count so bear with me!


The story begins in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku where you are recognized as Sgt. Recker who belongs in a tag-along team named Tombstone.  You meet up with your teammates Dunn and Pac (and soon after Irish).  As you find your information, they all try to escape, but the building they were standing upon got attacked and it fell.  Of course you survive the fall and manage to try to escape but during it, their vehicle gets attacked and they swerve into the water and they had to shoot the window out to survive, but sadly Dunn died as he was stuck in the seats (and also was dealing with a missing leg).  Tombstone is next sent to Shanghai to meet with another guy and to protect a lady and her “husband”.  They manage to do that but China freaks out because they think their leader is dead and the unseen antagonist basically blames the US for doing it and Russia joins China’s side.  They escape only to find their fellow ship is being attacked and they searched it but returned and that was attacked as well.  After fighting off the Chinese, Tombstone goes into Singapore to try to signal their teammates but unfortunately one of their own, Hannah double-crossed them and seemingly Pac dies leaving Irish and Recker in a jail in the Russian mountains.  Recker meets another guy, Dima and both would find Irish and Hannah (admits to being a double agent to protect her “husband”, Jin Jie who was to be assassinated by Chang) and they try to escape via a tram.  Unfortunately that was shot down and killed Dima as it crashed.  The remaining members travel down the mountains and meets up with a team trying to get into their base in Tashgar which was being attacked by both the Chinese and Russians.  They get through and are tasked to blow up the dam (which they do) and they get to fly back to the Valkyrie (their ship).

As they get to their ship, they see it’s being attacked again and fight through to the inside to meet up with their allies (and Pac who survived Singapore).  They have a conversation and Jin Jie shows himself to the Chinese troops who didn’t think he was alive and they stop attacking, but Chang starts attacking the boat to try to “bury the truth” and Tombstone (minus Pac as he stays behind) decide to blow the ship up with C4.  As they get to the boat, they stick the bomb on and go up on grappling guns, but when they try to detonante, it doesn’t work so Recker has to choose between sending Hannah down or Irish (also you could do nothing and let Chang blow up the Valkyrie).


That ending was shady as all hell: I’m not well-versed in FPS stories, but that ending was a little racist to be choosing between Irish (black guy) and Hannah (Chinese chick)…it felt so wrong to do it and I really wished there was an option that Recker could’ve died.

Recker, y u so quiet, qorl?: Honestly, he says ONE word in the entire story and it’s at the beginning where he says “fuck”….I really don’t know why they decided to make Recker mute but lord I wanted him to say something of importance…

Short story though: For as long as that story is, it’s laid out in 7 parts which is surprisingly small for a game like this…what happened?


For what it is, it’s a shooter so you already have a guess to what kind of gameplay it calls for.  There are things that make it standout too.  From the Campaign point of view, you collect weapons and various gadgets along the way and they steadily get better and you start to get a feel for what you like. Of course you’re dodging enemy bullets and helis and etc. but it’s really a kind of get from point A to point B without dying.  That said, it did feel a tad linear, but with FPS’ you’ve got to deal with that.

Multiplayer is a totally different fest.  How that works is that you have 4 kits to work with: Assault, Engineer, Recon, and Support and they have their pros and cons about them so you should look for one that you would be solid on (of course you can bypass and use Carbines which can be used in all 4 maps).  Also the more you play, the higher your level and the more guns and gadgets and abilities you get!  Also there are more vehicles available in multiplayer like jets and more 4-wheeled excursions.

Also there’s different styles of gameplay which I can explain

  • Conquest: Basically, it’s taking over certain spots of the map and try to not let your opponent taken them.  Now the most for the PS3 is 32 but in the newest generation of systems and the PC, it’s racked up to 64 on one map (totally jealous).
  • Domination: Smaller mapped version of Conquest.
  • Team / Squad Deathmatch: Simply a small part of a map where all you need to do is kill your opponents.  The difference between the two is a matter of Team has more members while the Squad is more like 4/5 people against each other.
  • Rush: It’s a bit hard to explain, but it’s like whoever takes the most objectives gets more of the map?  I don’t know, but I haven’t played it enough to really say much.
  • Obliteration: You have a bomb in the middle of the map and you have to blow up your opponent’s objective with it and vice versa with them.  Also it’s a new style of gaming introduced to the series here.
  • Defuse: Another new style, it’s a small map and one bomb, however, once you’re killed in a match you out for that round, so it plays more to the strategic side of FPS’.


So not counting the DLC, multiplayer comes with only 10 maps and I was pretty surprised it was so low given that I would’ve expected DICE/EA would’ve had enough space to put more in.  Some of the maps in the game are really nice (Dawnbreaker, Operation Locker, Siege of Shanghai) and some that just wasn’t good (like Zavod 311).  Biggest thing added though is the Levolution which is essentially changes to the map that are subtle or huge which is pretty good but sometimes causes unnecessary deaths but some are reasonable lol.  Still I could’ve had more maps to play on then just the 10…but I suppose that’s why the DLC is there, but it does make me wish some of the places in Campaign were maps >.>

Graphics / Sound

Graphics: For being a late PS3 game, it looks really good!  It looks real almost and seeing things like rockets and explosions and seeing stuff like the hightower in Siege of Shanghai falling down just impressed me for what it’s worth.  For the Campaign it was pretty good, there were some odd movements and syncing issues with the voiceover but overall it was nice (and Irish looked a bit….odd).

Sound: Even though there isn’t a whole lot of music to be had, the voiceovers sounded really good here especially with the main characters.  Beyond that the voices in multiplayer kind of just meld into one another and I couldn’t care less because I was too focused on not getting shot.  BTW, yeah the gunfire and explosions are all great too


Well, I cant speak too much about it, but there are 5 different DLC’s but only two of them have been released: China Rising and Second Assault.  So far it’s really just new weapons, two new playstyles: Air Superioriety and Capture the Flag, and new maps so really it’s what it is.  Though in February, it was a month of free unlockables and downloads for free weapons which is to make up for the problems this game has had since being released.

Overall: 6/10

I’m surprised big-named sites are giving this game such high markings without really diving into its issues.  For a novice to shooters, I kind of was expecting a lot more than what we got.  I know FPS gamers don’t come to a game for its story and granted BF4’s was quite weak and short of one…something I never expected (even Goldeneye 64 was longer >.>).  Into the real complaint though is the abnormally HIGH amount of bugs and glitches this game has and still has even when it does update.  The biggest one is if you have a save for Campaign and go into multiplayer…it’ll delete your progress…that’s totally not right and a HUGE flaw for me.  Sometimes the game freezes which is absurd (but Playstation All-Stars has the same problem too) and there’s just other odd issues.  I know EA is doing Fan Appreciation month to kind of apologize for it, but really fix it!

Otherwise if it didn’t have those problems, I probably would’ve rated it slightly higher because multiplayer kills time and when you have friends playing with, it just makes the experience better as teamwork goes a long way in multiplayer.  Overall it’s OK, but for the amount of hype it got…it’s definitely disappointing.


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