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ayaka – number one March 5, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. number one
  2. Through the ages (Self-Cover Version)
  3. Hajimari no Toki (2013/11/19 Nippon Budokan Live ver.)

1. number one

It does feel like it’s been a while since we’ve heard ayaka hasn’t it?  I was happy to know that she didn’t pull another ballad out and proceeded to give us an upbeat track.  I love her smoky vocals just adding this brightness to the song.  It’s just a pretty strong song and the arrangement also adds to this powerful feel…definitely a strong tune!

2. Through the ages (Self-Cover Version)

To some of you, it might be confusing because she doesn’t have a song titled as such.  Well it’s a song that she penned for Gabrielle Aplin that was sung for Mizushima Hiro’s film Kuroshitsugi. (thx Efanz).  Here we have ayaka’s take and unlike its upbeat A-side, Through the ages is dramatic and sad as it has a lot of strings involved here.  Once ayaka comes in the song becomes more of a piano/strings ballad but the song is so focused on ayaka that I kind of enjoyed the barebones look of the song and when it grows it’s just so great!  I liked it!

3. Hajimari no Toki (2013/11/19 Nippon Budokan Live ver.)

Last, but not least we come to a live version of Hajmari no Toki which was the lead-in track from ayaka’s comeback album, “The beginning”.  Listening to her live again just brings back all the good sighs because she sounds amazing live still!  She pulled this song off so well and the crowd agreed.



Is it really the 2nd single she’s released since going indies?  Damn…ayaka scored a lot better on this single than her previous one by a pretty big margin.  number one is bright and upbeat and ayaka has so much fun with it and her self-cover of Through the ages is just beautiful!  Also, the live version of Hajimari no Toki was flawless.  Though isn’t time to let that song go now since it’s the 3rd time in a row we’ve been hearing this.


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