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BoA – Shout It Out March 5, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Shout It Out
  2. close to me
  3. Shout It Out (INST)
  4. close to me (INST)

1. Shout It Out

I know BoA has been on this streak of mid-tempos with her last couple of singles so it was great to see that Shout It Out was something more upbeat and exciting.  I had a lot of fun listening to this song as it’s just bright and funky and kind of is a better take of “WOO WEEKEND” with less bass slaps lol.  Definitely a great track for BoA but she’s been on a roll so I’m happy this stretches that further!

2. close to me

The B-side for the single is a bit more toned down having a nice guitar-ladened ballad.  BoA’s voice is very smooth and I like she’s throwing English in the song and she sounds pretty good and she flows nicely between that and Japanese.  I do get that Americanized feel about it and I would love a fully English version one day as it sounds a bit more personal but still good stuff!



I’m wondering when BoA will put out an album because we can only get soooo many good singles😄.  Being the 4th (or 6th?) single, I enjoyed Shout It Out quite a bit as a while, but I still think “Message/Call my name” is still the better single though.  I’ve missed BoA being upbeat and showing her dance skills and this was for sure a good track for that while close to me was a bit more sentimental and sweet.  Yeah…an album of all the songs she’s released since “IDENTITY” would just be quite perfect!


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