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BoA – Shout It Out March 5, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Shout It Out
  2. close to me
  3. Shout It Out (INST)
  4. close to me (INST)

1. Shout It Out

I know BoA has been on this streak of mid-tempos with her last couple of singles so it was great to see that Shout It Out was something more upbeat and exciting.  I had a lot of fun listening to this song as it’s just bright and funky and kind of is a better take of “WOO WEEKEND” with less bass slaps lol.  Definitely a great track for BoA but she’s been on a roll so I’m happy this stretches that further!

2. close to me

The B-side for the single is a bit more toned down having a nice guitar-ladened ballad.  BoA’s voice is very smooth and I like she’s throwing English in the song and she sounds pretty good and she flows nicely between that and Japanese.  I do get that Americanized feel about it and I would love a fully English version one day as it sounds a bit more personal but still good stuff!



I’m wondering when BoA will put out an album because we can only get soooo many good singles XD.  Being the 4th (or 6th?) single, I enjoyed Shout It Out quite a bit as a while, but I still think “Message/Call my name” is still the better single though.  I’ve missed BoA being upbeat and showing her dance skills and this was for sure a good track for that while close to me was a bit more sentimental and sweet.  Yeah…an album of all the songs she’s released since “IDENTITY” would just be quite perfect!


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