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AAA – SHOW TIME April 4, 2014

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Track Listing

  3. SHOW TIME (Instrumental)
  4. CIRCLE (Instrumental)


I was happily surprised the group went back to something upbeat for their next release.  It’s got a strong beat and it plays around dubstep in some of the arrangement which doesn’t surprise me but whatever.  The vocals are surprising because I hear only the guys for the most part (with the ladies in the back).  I like it, but their last couple of upbeat tracks are still stronger!


I was expecting CIRCLE to be a ballad lol and funny enough, Misako and Chiaki open the song and then we get a blast of Hidaka and beats with the song which surprised me and doesn’t fit because after the song, the tune mellows back out and kind of has a dance beat and some light instrumentation.  I like this track a bit more than “SHOW TIME” but not by too much…it sounds like an album track to be honest.



Weird that AAA would release a fanclub-only single huh?  SHOW TIME is good that we got out of the ballads for an entirely upbeat single.  However, what I wasn’t expecting was Misako and Chiaki to be pushed in the back in the lead track.  At least things were normal in CIRCLE and I thought it should’ve been promoted as the A-side.  I don’t think, I feel like I’m struggling to decide if I enjoyed this single or not…>.<


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