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Kou Shibasaki – Love Searchlight April 16, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Love Searchlight
  2. Chikai
  3. Love Searchlight -Instrumental-
  4. Chikai -Instrumental-

1. Love Searchlight

Kou returns to music with Love Searchlight with a pretty funky and cool song!  It sounds like it’s supposed to be a rock track, but there’s synths present and a lot of slap bass (especially in the verses).  I just love the energy of the song and Kou sounds really good along the dance beats and fun instrumentation.  If there was a song to bring back Kou to my favorites, this song would be up there!  Though only 3 minutes long???

2. Chikai

Unlike the fantastic upbeat nature of “Love Searchlight”, Chikai is a more toned down affair…to the point where it does have its Western feels going on.  Kou’s vocals of course are on point and she gives this mid-tempo track a lot of charm IMO.  Might not be better than the A-side, but it’s a solid B-side for the single, maybe she’ll include it on her next album hopefully!



Has it been over a year since Kou released anything?  Jeeze!  Kou returned with Love Searchlight and this single overall was pretty good.  Love Searchlight has a lot of that great Kou energy that she just has been doing well with in recent times though it could’ve been a little longer.  Chikai was pretty nice and suited her quite nicely…hope this means a good stretch of singles in the future!


One Response to “Kou Shibasaki – Love Searchlight”

  1. gustave154 Says:

    love searchlight is so good and i wish there was a longer version….

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